zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

day 3

This little piece was wet felted with
my favourite Bergschafwolle,
the same material Gabi uses to make her lovely animals.
This kind of wool 
is much better for this kind of felting than Merino
(the wool is more curly and comes in batts
rather than tops (roving) in bands)

Here is my Pink Ribbon jewel  3

a fish pendant
Wet felted and embroidered (on both sides) 
with sequin eyes
9 cm  (3.5 ")

I made a matching cord of  58 cm  (22.8")
with a loop and bead.

fishing, fishing, fishing ...


For the donation of 
€ 10,-
it is all yours.
Just send me an email at

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon

See you tomorrow !

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