vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

day 23

A wonderful day it was !!!
(a little bit sad too, but later about that)

It was already after dinner 
before I had time to start embroidering
today's jewel,
that's why it's rather late ...

Pink Ribbon  felted jewel 23

A dubble circle, felted together in the center.
embroidered with shiny and variegated thread
and with sequins and beads
6 cm  (2.3")



€ 10, -

donation to the Pink Ribbon fund
this felted jewel can be yours !
You can send me an email at
or you can leave a comment
at the end of this post.

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

And now why I'm so late today :
I had a lovely, lovely day of felting
with my dear UK friend Jane !
And why a bit sad :
because Jane and her husband will be moving back to the UK
in a few weeks time 

Jane's first encounter with felting 
was at my house :
I gave a felting workshop for some friends ...
And after that :
Jane got hooked on felting !
Something new to express her creative urge.
She then took on-line classes
and went to different workshops 
with a lot of felting artists.

Today we tried some things she did earlier
and we talked a lot 
about all the different techniques
in felting.

Playing with bits and pieces of pre-felt,
pinning it down

A special way of wetting out the pice

The halfway through pieces :
there will be a lot of stitching when they're dry.

In the end we made one last piece together
in another colourway

We had such fun together !

I will miss you !

See you tomorrow with another felted jewel !

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  1. I enjoyed it too 😀 Thanks Els for all our felting times together .