maandag 5 oktober 2015

day 5

It seems as if Autumn is still
only giving us sunshine,
but when I have to believe the weather forcast
for tomorrow, there will be an end to it now :
lots of rain in the coming days.
Well, all the more reason
to choose a warm little felt for today.

Pink Ribbon felted jewel  5

A dusty pink square felted brooch
with vibrant orange on the inside
and even yellow and golden mesh further down,
a tiny felted ball stitched in the middle
5 cm  (2")

to the point !


€ 10
for Pink Ribbon
and it comes flying to you !
Just send me an email at
or use the comment at the end of this post.
(of course you can make a "normal"comment too  ;-)  !)

All of the money will go to the Pink Ribbon fund !


With the designs for the window paintings ready
and enlarged ánd the prospect of a lot of rain
in the next few days
brought daughter and me to school this afternoon.
The gymnasium was where we worked today

Concentration !!!

We stick the design on the outside of the window with tape
(that's why we need dry weather)
and then trace the lines with black paint.

You could say : simple ...
the new windows are much much thicker than the old ones
so you have to be right in front of the drawing any time !
(you can see the double lines in the photo :
that's exactly what we see when we are not
in the right place !!!)
But it all worked out well in the end !

One of the class rooms is now really finished,
with two colourful windows


See you tomorrow !

1 opmerking:

  1. Wie schön!
    So leuchtende Fenster machen mir gleich gute Laune! Toll, was Du für andere Menschen tust, auch mit dem Pink Ribbon.
    Liebe Grüße