woensdag 28 oktober 2015

day 28 ... a friends-day

Ahhhhh, how I looked forward to this day
and yes, what I feared that could go "wromg" 
but what a wonderful day we had
with my blogging-friend Natima and her husband Tom !!!

It was a lot of  sunshine  on a rather gray and cloudy day.
Thanks my dear friends for being such lovely special guests.

We picked them up on Rotterdam Central Station
took the Metro and had some coffee/tea
before we were off
to the windmills in Kinderdijk,
had lunch at our home,
then took the Fast Ferry back to Rotterdam again
and walked around the city
and ended it all in the "Markthal"
this amazing Rotterdam variation on the "Sistine Chapel"
(yes, I know : people in R'dam think BIG !)
They went back by train to Amsterdam
and we went on the boat home.

Boy oh boy, what a marvellous day !
We'll cherish the memory of it !

(Oh yes, then I still had to stitch a bit on my jewel)

Here is 

Pink Ribbon  felted jewel 28

a flat square with a double coloured sun,
embroidered with silk and rayon thread 
and sequins and beads.
6  cm  (2.3")



For a donation of

€ 10, -

to the Pink Ribbon fund
you can have this little bit of everlasting sunshine
for yourself, or as a warm gift to someone dear !
You just need to send me an email at
leave a comment at the end of this post
(you can always leave a comment buying or not ...  ;-)  !)

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

Have to show you the lovely presents
Nat and her Man brought to us :

some Greek sunshine in a bottle, a little felted pouch,
some gorgeous pieces of vintage Japanese textiles
and (the best)

a lovely little sewing pouch, handmade by Natima !!!

I was glad I had something to give her in return

"Delft" / indigo  BLUE  and "autumn" / Eucalyptus  ORANGE
(a kind of merger of me and her)

See you tomorrow with my next fe.lted jewel
but :
only three more jewels to go !

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  1. The day was so special. Enjoy the sunshine in the bottle with Mic. I'm the lucky one to have own one of your handmade bag. I love love it!