donderdag 28 november 2013

good old "flower power"

These last few days I returned 
to something old and familiar :
felting flowers.

I like to wear something bold and colourful myself
so I love the wet-felted flowers,
though they can be delicate as well 

like this rose ...

Here is the same white rose in the making

In fact it's two double layered flowers together.
And yes, I stitched the center together during the process.
(that prevents the layers from shifting too much)
When it's done I removed the linen thread.

Here's the one I made yesterday
(for Svea .... but it's more turquoise, 
it was already late when I took the picture) 

The lot 
(so far)

Now they're all quietly waiting till they're completely dry.
Then I can do the final stitching,
perhaps with some beads too.

Then they will wait in a box till the "Christmas Fair" 
(20 and 21 December)

dinsdag 26 november 2013

embellisher's "eye"

Last Saturday 
daughter and I went to the Alpaca farm.
There they have a knitting group
that meets every first Saturday of the month
but, this day was additional.
Though the weather turned rather cold
inside it was warm and cosy :
with nine ladies,
coffee, tea and cookies
a LOT of talking and laughter
and some knitting.
We had a lovely morning.

One of the ladies (Linda) made these fun crochet animals,
lóve that mole with his pin prick eyes !
(no ladies in sight here, because I didn't ask their permission, so ... )

Because I still had some felt cuts 
I started with the embellisher again.

... an angel under the machine ...

and an angel in my hand

The little piece made me think of the "God's eye" image

(a lovely picture that I found on the web)

donderdag 14 november 2013

mandala and the embellisher pieces

13 - 11 - 13
it was such a fun date yesterday
That was supposed to be the name of the post 
when our PC started to act really funny :
it took ages to open, to load sites and pictures,
and was altogether impossible to get a post done.

So here is yesterday's mandala

This year's theme are the Celtic celebrations

We started in September with
Imbolc which is the beginning of the year.
But that felt so akward (it being nearly autumn)
that we switched for the second and third meeting 
to a subject more appropriate to the season,
so yesterday was Samhain.

I just realized that I didn't post
the other two

Imbolc                                            Mabon  
Yesterday I was also working 
on the needle felted "Embellischer pieces"

(ahhh : I really don't know whát to call them)

The mermaid was this far when I left for the mandala group
(doing French knots on the star fish)

And here is the final result today

hand dyed (not by me) craft felt for the cut-out, fabric, tule
magic thread and four very old mother of pearl beads
blue and white pre felt of previous projects
little circle of mint silk (old blouse)
more glas beads
and the embellisher felted blue / green
mounted on a painted canvas 
(size  20 x 20 cm)

maandag 11 november 2013

animal crackers

Well .... not really of course
but when I look at my felt cut outs
the name is appropriate

fabric, felt and tulle sewed together.

Here are yesterday's fish
in the piece of needle felted felt 
(so it's not real "felt"  because it isn't wet felted !)

After adding some pre-felt parts 
and woolen thread

it's time for my magic thread !

(Although this little ball is all I have
I'm sure it will last to decorate many many more of my pieces)

Next steps will be : to do some more stitching,
paint a canvas in a matching colour
and then attach the piece with invisible stitches.

zondag 10 november 2013

green bag and more embellisher

Some days ago I finished my green felt bag
.... on the sewing machine !

I found some matching green batik fabric
of which I made the gussets,
inside pocket and strap.

Though I'm happy with the result
sewing felt and fabric together
(in a precise way !)
isn't the easiest thing to do.

I'm really a precisian

(the red and the dark gray bag are still waiting)

On the embellisher I worked again
and finished a present
so :

only a glimpse !

Today I started on some other "middle sections"

four and a half done !

maandag 4 november 2013


This time the bags I've been busy felting 
don't look like the bags 
I'm usually making
I wanted them to be a bit more simple to felt
and possibly combine them with fabric.

(as long as cat-assistant leaves my wool in peace
she's allowed ón the table)
The pattern is just a long strip : 
front - back - flap
The rest is still a bit of a mystery (to me) 

Using a piece of net, to prevent the "nuno" parts from shifting
(though my hands don't like rubbing on the stiff net)

This one's dry now and waiting for the fabric gussets.

The next one in a different colour scheme

just four layers : two for the inside (light pink)
and two for the outside (reds oranges and pinks)

This one's still wet and not all the nuno pieces are well attached :
the silk and cotton were okay, the mix fabric (big dots) not quite.

And my other assistant ?

doing some vacuuming for me,
(with my felting "swimm noodle")