woensdag 12 januari 2022

result of the raffle

drum roll
. . . . .

my very late giveaway of last year's blogaversary
(eleven years of blogging)




(all the names of comments here and on FB)

(all folded and in the bowl)

(and this name "jumped" out !)

Easy this time :
no need to send it with snail mail
because Madelon lives close by !

dinsdag 4 januari 2022

new work

I started this year with some felting.
The end of last year I got the Lily-necklace workshop
of Anikó Boros as a present.
I've admired her beautiful work for quite some time.
(I think she learned a lot from Judit Pócs)

(I knew already how to embed stones in felt
and then made my own version, just trying to figure out a lot
But it was not as "clean" as I wanted it
so this present was a welcome excuse to start all over again

First I did a simple necklace using a lot of small pebbles
and another one with a pendant with one stone,
but just now I made the one I had been thinking about,
for my firekeeper daughter !

I'm very happy how it turned out !
(More so because I made a major mistake when I made the last "coat"
and nearly couldn't open up the golden stone inside !!!)

A LOT of work, but totally worth it !

for a wonderful workshop !