woensdag 31 oktober 2012

knitting again ...

The last day of  October  already
and although actually we are not into Halloween over here

I thought this lady is suited for this day

I'm knitting again !
But first I frogged a try-out with the lovely coloured

Rowan kidsilk haze stripe and some Drops alpaca,
the two didn't work well together.
I bought some new light blue Drops kidsilk to go with the Rowan.

Then I picked up the mitered vest,
that was kind of hibernating for a long time,
and started knitting ...
At least, that's what I wanted
but I had to do some serious reading
before I remembered again
how to do the pattern

I think it must be old age:
because I didn't know with how many stitches to start with,
what to do with the first and the last stitch on the row ...
and I had done already quite a bit ! 
And I have done a vest just like that before !!!

But luckily the magazine was still there  ;-)

( yes, from  looooong ago )

I remember people asking when I was wearing the blue vest
( that I did before ... but gave away to a friend ) 
if I sewed all the little parts together ?
you don't have to
and this clever way to do it, was all in the magazine !

( Nowadays you can also find similar patterns
for mitered knitting on "Ravelry" )

HA ... and the fun part is
that you never have more than 25 stitches on your needle
(or 49 stitches when I make the bigger squares) 

The back and side pieces are finished so I could start on the front

Our two housemates

enjoyed a lot of autumn sunshine !

The last fun thing for today was brought by the post

a huge bag "mit Liebe verpackt" with wool I ordered in Germany

( I'll probably take part in a Christmas fair in the village
so there has to be done some serious felting ! )

Ohhh, we had a very clear sky last night
so there was still the beautiful moon

maandag 29 oktober 2012

rain ! .... no moon (but still a bit of silver)

Ahhhhh .... it's a pity :
there is no full moon to be seen 
because it's raining here.
( well : you can't win them all )

But here is another bit of silver

( Although I didn't hear that my little felt-exchange piece arrived safely,
it was in the mail this weekend,
I'll show what it looks like )

For this person I had to use naturals and grays.
For me, as a very "colourful" person ,
that wasn't very easy,
so that's why (among other things)
it took me quite some time to start and finish it.

It wasn't very clever of me nót to measure the beginning ...
I started a bit to big actually,
for we agreed that the pieces would be postcard-size !

Therefore I had to keep felting to shrink it to the right size
but thát way I lost a lot of the original detail
which then caused me to do a lot of embroidery.
( not so bad, because I like to stitch )
In a drawer I found this lovely bit of silk-and-metal (silver) fabric
that seemed just right for this piece !
And then ..... lots, really  LOTS  of French knots,
with wool, silk and silver thread.

I hope she likes it

Man is drawing again

Mmmmm love the colours !

Daughter made good use of some Noro and sock yarn leftovers :

pouches for semiprecious stones

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

sunny autumn day

Because the two bigger grandchildren
have autumn break this week
we went on the bike and by boat
to the museum (de Kunsthal) in Rotterdam
(yes ! 7 paintings were stolen last week from this museum :
what a lousy way to celebrate your 25 anniversary !!!)

We had such a fun day :
looking at paintings (Avant Gardes)
and sculptures ( a lot of naked women by Maillol)
modeling with clay
making a viewing box
walking on a treadmill (with music and a painting in front of you)
and having a drink and some sweet pie
on a bench at the river
in the warm sunshine

(a fun painting ... ha, could have been by Kaffe Fassett ...)

And home again
(near our beloved windmills)

I found a very thick envelope on the doormat
containing my next felting exchange piece of Joke

sunny !

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

lovely people

Last sunday we had some lovely people in our house
to celebrate Man's birthday
(yeah : 17 ... sort of ...)
One of the visitors was wearing
this nice real Peru hat


The b i g piece I'm working on
will have lots and lots of pieces of fabric that have a special meaning to me,
(I think that's one of the fun parts of it)
Some of these snippets
have come from lovely people who live far away.
 A lot of them I've had for some time already
and they were "patiently waiting" till I found some good use for them :
so Sus, Connie, Jacky, Heike, Eva, Jude ...
somewhere there will be a special place for a lot of your pieces. 

I'm working on the "moon and stars"side now
(that will be the reverse of the "butterflies")

Thére was the perfect spot for some very dear

It's amazing how well the dark red background of the megamendung
fits in with the ikat fabric !

Today I did some tea-dyeing to take off the "bright white"
of some pieces and I wove a few strips in them.
Now they fit in with two little "Judes"

These parts will probably became corner pieces somewhere 

The next fun part is the stitching of course

Mmmmm stitching !

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

a bit of a puzzle

So far I've finished the butterfly centerpiece.
It will be in the center
at one side of the b i g project

Ha, you can still see where the last section was sewn
to the bigger part :
the seams were not yet basted down ...

Here it is pinned down on the ikat fabric

I did the outline with a running stitch
in order to know where it belongs when I'm working
on the opposite side.
This side will have an ikat bórder, the other side will have an ikat cénter

( Mmmmmm the cats lóve it when there is something to play with

nothing much to do when they're chasing each other )

Now my puzzle is what sequense I should take
when stitching on the ikat parts ...

So I removed the butterflies.
They will be basted, or "glue-stitched", on some very thin fabric,
then I will add a thin batting layer,
and then I can start stitching on them.

In the meantime I will start with the stars around the moon on the other side

rainbow stars as you see
a star ... and ... a ghost star

Yesterday evening was our mandala group together :
the second time with the theme "earth"

And a little bit of one I'm working on for a gift

zondag 7 oktober 2012

rain and sunshine

Yesterday started with lots and lots of rain
real autumn weather !

I went anyway to the Stitch'nBitch group in Rotterdam
in the new location (right in the centre of town)
but, due to the lousy weather,
we were only with five
the sun came out in the afternoon
and the day ended beautifully !

Today I almost completed the middle piece
for one side of my new b i g project.
I sewed everything together on the machine

and then basted the seams down by hand
(that gives such a lovely feel to it)

A lot of butterflies
like a stained-glass window

and butterflies like a simple x  
And we ended the afternoon with a loooong walk
with daughter and kids in the autumn sunshine.

(O, and you know that I completely forgot I've just started my third blogging year ?)
 no:  no give-away this time

dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

october mandala

October is the "official" month
for breast cancer awareness.
(not that you can't be aware of that any other time ...)

So I drew this mandala for all the women (and a few men)

who have fought 

who are still fighting

and some who have eventually lost their fight

breast cancer 

Life can be hard, but life is beautiful