zondag 28 april 2019

belated Easter eggs

Last weekend the children weren't home
so no Easter party of any kind

(ahhhhhh ,,, does that mean
we're NOT going to search for eggs in the garden ???
said the 17-year old  (!) ...)

So today we had a belated Easter-egg-party !

We had luck :
it was dry
(though the forecast was rain !)

Lots of fun
and after a while they indeed found ALL the eggs !

(and a "gourmet" dinner afterwards)

A GOOD weekend !

vrijdag 19 april 2019

19 - 4 - 19 (Easter holiday)

With mum working
we were standby for the youngest
on the first day of the Easter holidays.

The new dip net should be tried !
(with the water next to our garden
that's no problem at all)

But here, at the "deep" end, nothing showed up ...

So why not move to the opposite site of the water ...

or, even better, the little island ...

Not much luck there either
Too soon for frog eggs ?
(the only catch was a dead (stinking) rams horn snail)

He also made a sudoku puzzle,
almost all by himself !

(a new game since he writes numbers)


In the garden things are developing quickly now


zondag 14 april 2019

another year ...

A lovely day
with friends and family !
Though it with extreme cold outside for April
inside it was a warm bath with lovely people

A big boy and a small boy
playing together

A lovely (birth)day

Preparing and especially washing dishes was quite a bit of work,
but every bit of effort was worth it!

zondag 7 april 2019

life or death

took us by surprise yesterday.

It happens sometimes,
when a bird flies against the living room window.

Usually nothing bad happens and they fly away again.

Not so this time :
the loud bang wasn't just one
but TWO birds !
One was lucky,
one had bad luck

I looked out the side window to see
if the bird would fly away after the loud bang
and what I saw made me reach for my camera !

A kestrel and a ring-neck dove ?
Or could it rather be a (young) peregrine ??
(because of the size and the more gray colour)

Then he (or she) left with its prey !

... leaving only some feathers

What an amazing spectacle !
(I don't think we will ever see it happen again right in front of us !)

Life (for one) and death (for the other)


Louise Watson was RIGHT :

it was a female Sparrow hawk 

(confirmed by "Vroege Vogels")

woensdag 3 april 2019

spring on it's way

Though it is still rather cold
(colder than it looks with the sun out) 
the garden is getting greener
and greener.

And the next wave of colour :
blue and purple 

(and a bit of pink)

Well ... the violets were so sweet,
I had to pick some
(unfortunately they don't last very long in a vase)

I was delighted to receive the pennant safely back
from Australia
with vibrations of joined love !

Mo sent some bits of the installation with it !
Bits for new pieces !