zondag 18 maart 2018

18 - 3 - 18

(ahhhh ... the previous "18" went by unnoticed ...)

They say,
sometimes time stands still and sometimes time flies.

Of course that's not true :
it depends on our own perception
of what we are doing
that makes time fly or stand still ...

Today we had a special birthday dinner
for our daughter :
she had her 44th birthday yesterday !
(that's why I said time flies :
I remember her small self on the Sunday she was born so well !!!)

Pasta di mamma

Homemade pasta, broccoli, baked tomatoes, baked salmon,
avocado, homemade pesto, tomato sauce, a green salad
and "tarte tatin" for dessert !

And like the last two months
there is the on-going story of paint

Friends !