woensdag 31 mei 2023

a little experiment

On this last day of  May
I just had just enough time
for a little experiment
for Yaroslava's challenge :
the letter for this month for the
is the "F"
but it also had to be a plant (or a mushroom)
Now that was an extra difficulty !
I had some flower in mind
but I decided in the end for the

is a complex partnership,
a stable symbiotic association between a fungus and an alga.
Nature designs clever things !

On our roof tiles there are many
and in different colours too.
I chose a greenish one.

It turned out quite well
(and : on time to post in the group !)

(Tomorrow the second cataract op,
so more of Stitch Club later)

dinsdag 23 mei 2023

what a night !

Last Friday
we had the most wonderful night
in a very long time :
a concert of the ANALOGUES !!!

and the ANALOGUES try to reproduce the sound
of the good old BEATLES !
They search for all the same instruments
that were once used by the Beatles in the studio
to come to the original sound
(and they succeed quite well !!!) 

We bought the ticket last year already,
one for our daughter too.
But circumstances made that she couldn't go with us.
So we had one spare ticket
with only hours to decide who to ask instead !
In the end the friend of a dear friend
(who also lives near the theatre in Rotterdam)
was (and IS) a great Beatle-fan
and was delighted with this sudden surprise !!!

And I can tell you,
thought the main hair colour in the theatre was gray
(hmmm . . . not me)
we howled, whistled and clapped our hands till it hurt,
like any "normal" POP concert audience,
the old fire still burning  !!!

maandag 8 mei 2023

art market

Almost one week to go
to prepare everything
that I will take with me to the market.

 It is always a lot of organizing
because I don't take the same things to every market :
wrist warmers for example
are not necessary in springtime.
But I take little bags, finger puppets
and all of the jewelry.
And surely my textile pieces mounted on canvas !

But most of the paintings will be there too !
I framed the last three today !

a sneak peek of the very newest !

If you live in Holland anywhere near AMERONGEN
please join us on this wonderful
art and farmers market !!!
You might find a lovely present
for yourself, a loved one
or even Mother's day !

I hope to see you there !

maandag 1 mei 2023


 First of Mai already
(though the day is still very young)

means a new letter of the alphabet
in the "#bibabowildmarathom"
A challenge to make an animal in a month
(in any creative technique)
which name starts with the chosen letter,
a fun game invented by Yaroslava Troynich !

Though I'm still struggling with the previous "Q" for March,
the "C" for April resulted in a CAT for me.
I didn't make a felted cat but took half of the painting
that I'm making (and which is nearly finished)

(hmmmm, I hope only half a cat is still a CAT . . .)

is also the time for my first Art- market :
in two weeks :

Saturday 13
in Amerongen !

De Grietmarkt

is my garden exploding in greens and whites and blues !!!

The Bluebell feast about to begin !!!