zondag 31 mei 2015


Yesterday I went to Nieuwpoort
(instead of the St'nB in Rotterdam)

One of my favourite quilt/yarn shops
De Schapekop  (the sheep's head)
organized the knitting/crochet festival
in the little old fortified town of Nieuwpoort
(Nieuwpoort got municipal rights in 1283)

The dyke with the water doors 
and the sheep waiting to be shorn during the festivities

Fun decorationes of wool 

I went there by car, but some friends from Rotterdam came by bus,
and we found each other in the shop

Hmmmm ... lots of "Kaffe Fassett"

There were five other places to visit and see beautiful stuff !
One of the stall holders was a lady who's daughter Lisette lives in Peru.
She brings down many wonderful items 
when she visits her daughter there,

Wonderful craft !

I found some vintage lace bits and pieces
(nice to dye and then use in some felt or quiltlet)

a dark purple ball of sockyarn
and some wonderful green dyed silk (a present !)

And when we went back at the end of the day ...

the last sheep was shorn !

vrijdag 29 mei 2015


It's a bit quiet over here.
Not that I'm doing nothing ...
but there is not so much to tell you about
because lots of things are just still 
in progress

I simply love circles,
the moon, mandalas, Alliums ...
Right now the garden is "exploding" with
Alliums !

True purple sensation !

Allium Roseum just all around the garden

And in a wee corner next to the door

Allium Christophii ....
(yes, I put some dead heads  in the pots some years ago)

More circles out of fabric

waiting to become a necklace

like this

dinsdag 19 mei 2015

a bit of this, a bit of that ....

After the wonderful day in Leiden
I did some new layers on the painting,
started on a textile necklace,
got my last piece of the felting exchange
we had a little birthday boy !
(so lots of fun things)

THREE years old
is our youngest grandson

Still a bit groggy from his afternoon nap ...

but unpacking the presents with many helping hands
cured him fast enough.


More layers on the painting

 Getting more and more to its final state


It was really fun to make these little balls

like tiny pumpkins ...
together they will make a fun necklace.


In the mail came a well known (by now) big envelope
with a small felted piece
of the felting exchange.

(I thóúght I still missed one, but wasn't sure from whom)

Ahhhh, Caroline, it doesn't matter at all
that it was so late :
it's here now and I love it !
Thank you !

(she apologized because they have been rebuilding their house
and all her stuff is packed up in boxes .......
oh my .... terrible 
hmmmm ... you love it when it's finished 
but you don't want to be in the process !!!)

Two days ago I took this wonderful bearded Iris from the garden
and put it in a little vase inside,
where the bud opened up really quickly.

Some gnawing animal took a bite ...  and left it hanging there
(probably a rat, the water is near the garden and there was also an emptied duck egg)

So beautiful !

The smaller (sibirica) Irises start to bloom too

(they're a bit more purple in real life)

Mmmmmm ... Alliums !

And last but not least :

Ginkgo in his new green leaves
standing brightly in the late sunshine

woensdag 13 mei 2015

Leiden - Textile Festival

Ohhhhh my,
what a wonderful day we had today !
It was the first day (out of four)
of the really big Textile Festival ,
that took place in Leiden this year.

I went there with a Rotterdam and UK friend.
(We wanted to go by public transportation,
so for me that was : bike, boat, bike, train !)
It was a really sunny day 
so we started with a cup of coffee on the terrace.
(we didn't see much sun later)

Our first stop was the Pieterskerk.

There were many installations made by groups of people
in all kinds of techniques

Then there were i.a. the pieces for the competition

"Water - Land"

There were some pretty amazing artworks !

(and there were so many more !!!)

One of the very special things I definately wanted to visit 
on the textile-route through town,
was the kimono exhibition of 
Itchiku Kubota
in the Japan museum SieboldHuis

I had seen his (much bigger) exhibition in Rotterdam in 1989,
it was GREAT to see (some of) them again

It is such a pity, but fully understandable,
that there is so little light in the rooms to see all the beautiful details well !
(ha, I think my camera took a better look than me !!!)

These are truly amazing works of art !!!
(ahhhh that rippled surface ...
and not allowed to touch it)

We visited some more places (nowhere near all of them),
I met some friends of the felting - exchange,
and then headed back to the station
(Ouch ... my feet and knees were killing me by then)

What a beautiful day we had !


dinsdag 12 mei 2015

a process

Last week I started on a bigger painting (50 x 50)
I did a new layer of colour
(on an old sunset try-out)

Over the new layer I did some stamps and dripping,
then I covered it with masking tape strips,
then a thin wisp with a roller.

             Part of and then                   all of the masking tape removed.

Yet another bit of paint over it with the roller.

Then I took my home made foam stencils and masks.

Slowly the first layer, the drips and the tape is disappearing ...

Now it is standing against the wall and waiting for me to proceed.

(oh ... the "before")


But today, I just made another cuff 
(and brooch)
for a new dress I have