donderdag 31 augustus 2023

last august day . . .

Oh my,
only so many hours in a day
and so many plans
(that will surely not all fit into the hours !)

The little waist (or shoulder) bag
is finished now.

Stitching the bird is still underway

hmmmmm, will there be enough time ? 
(doubt it)


BUT for the August-challenge of Yaroslave Troynich
I made a bit of time free
just to make a little sketch this time !
We had the letter
and had to make a hybrid this time :
choose not one but two animals
and merge them
into ONE !!!

I used Dutch words this time :
(caterpillar and rattlesnake)

Meet Richard Ratelrups !

woensdag 30 augustus 2023

ART market

"Cultureel Festival BAARN"

Sunday  3 September 

(12.00  -  17.00)

Still working on some new items for the market
this Sunday !

A brooch, a felted necklace and a bag.
The band for the little bag
hangs to dry in the sun,
that sometimes shines between the showers,
 so I have to be careful that it isn't wet all over again !

I'm also stitching on a "bird" wall hanging
(because the two bigger ones were sold two weeks ago)
but I don't know for sure if this one will be finished in time
. . . . .

If you live anywhere near
and you want a fun afternoon with art and classical music :

on Sunday !

zaterdag 19 augustus 2023

thank you !

Walk Art Markt in Zeist :

a wonderful market day !
Not the rain that was predicted,
but quite some clouds, a bit of sun
and a bit of wind from time to time.

Ready for the start !

A VERY quiet morning with no sales at all
(and that's not very encouraging I can tell you . . .)
but the afternoon made up for everything !
Ohhhh and so happy our youngest grandson came by
and later his big sister
(who saved me from some bad telephone inconvenience . . .
hmmmm, that's REALLY not my "forte" !!!!!)

Many nice talks and compliments about my work
and a lot of explaining how I do my gouache paintings,
the felting and the little textile pieces.

dear customers,
I hope you enjoy the lovely items you bought
for a looooong time !

There were quite a few new things I could take with me today
but they came back home with me  . . .

(including a new fish an a new beetle)

No worry :
in two weeks time on Sunday
there is another Art Market in Baarn !

Hope to see you then !

maandag 14 augustus 2023

new bag

In five days time
on Saturday August 19
I will be on the Walk Art Market in Zeist.

My market stall will be in almost the same place as last year :
the path on the left side of the main square
near the entrance.

Because I was "low" on little bags
a new one was made
for which I finished the band yesterday.

The new bag
waiting for a button
(that I will look for tomorrow in the city)

One tiny problem appeared to be there
when I attached the band :
I made it too long for the intended waist length,
so now it will "only" be a shoulder bag . . .

This will be more or less (things sold !)
the way it will look like on Saturday.
(though we hope it will not be as hot as it was last year !)

If you live anywhere near Zeist
please come by to say hello !

There is a wide choice of gorgeous art work
with me
(and others) 
Hope to see you there !

maandag 7 augustus 2023

August and busy !

The eighth month of the year already
and very busy felting at the moment
because another ART market is coming up soon !

One of my "fishy" creatures is drying on the lamp

(tomorrow time for more !)