maandag 29 juli 2019

new start

After I finished the big bag for daughter
there were days of
because of the extreme
 that we had here :
40 degrees Celsius
is quite unusual for our little country .....
Climate Change is presenting itself !
Staying inside (and reading) was the only wise thing to do.

Luckily the weekend brought
some rain (that the garden needed badly) and cooler weather.

Time to start something new.

Building it up with snippets in blues and greens,
a small piece : 15 x 15 cm  
(5.9 x 5.9") 
(on the right is what lóóks like Megamendung,
but it's made by Kaffe Fasset ...)

All of the snippets are "glue-stitched" down :
you see it on the back, NOT up front !

(eternal thanks, Jude ,
for ever in your debt   ;-)  !)

zondag 21 juli 2019

19 - 7 - 19 (.... I forgot)

Ahhhh ... forgot my 19 / 19 date post
because we were watching
the replay of the Apollo moon landing
50 years ago
Still some a-ma-zing stuff !!!

I've been stitching some very small pieces
that will become brooches
(5 x 7.5 cm  or 2"x 3")
... or they can be put in a small frame.

We had some very rainy days
but the garden  LOVED  it.
(and it keeps me from filling the watering can
and getting back ache again !)
When I was stitching
right next to the window because it was quite dark
I saw these :

But right now the hot weather
is just around the corner again.

so this afternoon the young swans were having a good time
swimming in their dinner !
(both with one foot on their back, haha)

And I was busy making a special bag
for daughters holiday

I'll finish it tomorrow ...

donderdag 4 juli 2019

fun weekend ! (6 / 7 July)

With great anticipation
I'm looking forward to this weekend :

we have a stand at the ART  MARKET near Winterswijk
close to the German border.

(for some silly reason I don't understand
it seems I cannot copy the flyer
of the Art Market in Berenschot Mölle ...
though I could on FB ..... grrrrrrr)

So I'll have to do it another way :

Though the market is on both days of the weekend
we will be there on SUNDAY
but on Saturday
we will visit my dear blogging-friend Birgit in Germany !

It has been a (too) loooong time since we've seen each other,
after visiting we will go to our B&B in Wintersijk
and next day to the market !

That's why I've been BUSY felting
these last few days

I made some felting objects, just for the fun of it
and trying some new tricks

The "Medusa jellyfish" is still drying upside down

(must still find a way to let it stand all by itself)

And some (life size) tulips
(also not done yet)

While in the garden lots and lots of Phlox's
are giving massive blobs of colour,
somewhere in the background is a stunning newcomer 

a Hemerocallis (day lily)
that I bought quite cheap in a box in some general store.
Normally there is hardly any "red" in my garden ...
but this dark red beauty (though it looks rather bright here in the sun)
is something I really like!

quite a bit of  RED  today