donderdag 30 juli 2015

summer ???

Is it really summer ?
At this moment there is so much rain falling in big showers
that it looks more like autumn !

We hope for some dryer weather
from now on ...

Sure daughter does hope so :
she wants to go to a "castlefest" party in Lisse.
She needed some special additions to her clothes
and I helped her a bit.

This bodice was made out of leather
and I hammered the eyelets in.

From a leftover piece she made a cuff

The hare has to be made permanent with her burning tool

I did some felting today
(noooo,  I won't show that because it will be a gift)
and since daughter was having diner here
I made the special recipe
(Chicken in the Hat)

For those who don't understand Dutch :
puff pastry, chickenbreast, hot currypowder
(uhhhm ... I don't like instant sauce from a package !)
pitted cherries, 6 ginger balls, 1 garlic clove
(and we always put in some fried onion and a zucchinni !)
and some crème fraîche.
Line a springform tin with the puff pastry and
before you put the fried mixture with all ingredients in,
add some spoons of breadcrumbs first at the bottom.
Add a cover of puff pastry and then a good half hour
in the oven

YUMMY !!!!!

Bon appetit !

maandag 27 juli 2015

traveling ... near by and far away

Today I went to Rotterdam, 
by boat as usual.
My hairdresser (a very good one) has his shop there.
At our stop I met four lovely ladies :
from Taiwan !
They had visited the windmills at Kinderdijk on their bikes
and went back to Rotterdam by boat
and then to Delft, to their hotel.
We had a nice chat in English,
one of the ladies (Lin Hsiu Chen or Joyce) was a high school teacher 
I do hope Joyce and her friends have 
during the rest of their stay in Holland
a bit more sunshine, than all the rain we had today !

Yesterday I did finish the belt 
that went with the little "Judit" bag.
So when it was dry late this afternoon
I could take some pictures.

The making of the two ends didn't go smoothly :
I forgot to thread the cord through the top of the bag first.
Luckily I noticed it after only the first small square,
so I could pull it through.
(uhhhhm : almost did it again with the second end,
a donkey ... etc. ) 


Back (and the inside of the belt)

Bag, now with a closure

Me and the bag


zaterdag 25 juli 2015

turning ... (out of time)

Ha, we had a birthday girl today :
Yippee !
A beautiful number
and when you turn it around ...
there is mum's age
(even my age you can turn ...
well, upside down, and nothing happens)

Daughter was very busy this week
designing a drawing 
for the handle of her Fire-keeper's pitchfork :
a fire-breathing lizard

Turning and turning to get it on the handle.

Yesterday I finally started on a cord (belt)
to go with the little bag I made in Judit Pócs' workshop
(about a year ago !)
Judit is such an amazing felting artist
and we learned SO much there !!!
But in one way or another 
I never came to finish that belt.

Little coloured diamonds growing on the cord

Halfway there ...

Tomorrow I will finish it,
and make a closure for the bag

maandag 20 juli 2015

life (and death) in the garden

It's always like that :
after a busy time at the sewing machine
comes a quiet time of not sewing at all.
the garden needed a really good clean out !
Things to remove,
cut off,
take cuttings for a friend and put them in pots,
and I even did some replanting :
the Acanthus spicata
that didn't anything but getting mildew, finally had to go,
and I put something else in that spot
(with nice dark red leaves)

This family, with a bossy father in front, came by while I was busy

I love these still fluffy youngsters !

This blackbird youngster didn't make it though.
Flies, ants and slugs were having their little party,
I'll watch it in the next couple of days ...

And this one ?

Was he being brave or just simply stupid ???
Just there, in front of the open door
with just the screen door between him and the cat ?
the cat, the gray sister, was very intently looking
at what was sitting there, just outside on the door mat !
(she never ever did catch a mouse)
So one life spared !

Inside my Princess-of-the-Night gave another fragrant flower

She had a bigger pot with new potting compost
(..... I think she liked that   :-) .....)

though it was mostly reading and working in the garden,
I had to finish the raffle that came at the end
make an accessory for the doll of the next one in line
on the e-mail list
(and for me that was Evelien)

She made two dolls,
so I thought : why not make two small items,
one for each doll.

the start ...

(I'll place the other pictures when she tells me the envelope arrived)

woensdag 15 juli 2015

weavers market in Hoorn

I was very lucky today :
my friend Caroline (of the felting-exchange) had told me
she was going to the "weavers market" in Hoorn
and when I asked, I could go with her !!!
Yippeeeee !
(I had never been there, but heard a lot about it)

A steady drizzle accompanied us to Hoorn
and it only grew worse.

(We met another felting-exchange friend,
Paulien, who lives in that neighbourhood
and much later Anneke who came by train)

Umbrellas up, but it got only wetter,
so after the first few stalls we stopped for coffee !

these colours make you happy !

"Rest in Felt"
Does that say what it looks like ?
Yes, this lady makes winding sheets (graveclothes) out of felt !

This particular one she has made for her mother,
still very healthy ... and 84 !
The mother explicitly asked for it
and wanted lots of flowers.
So special !

Here we had lunch,
waited for number four of our party,
and I also found my long-time-no-see blogging friend Siets !
It was dry, so on we went.

There were many more lovely stalls
but ... I was too busy 
(feeling all the goodies 
and buying some)
to take more pictures !

Thanks ladies, especially Caroline,
for this wonderful day !

dinsdag 7 juli 2015

7 - 7 - 15 .... after a busy weekend ...

Yesterday was a really quiet day
I needed that 
after this busy weekend !

It was HOT
and on Saturday we (Man and me) 
went to the sheepfold in Ermelo
where we were meeting 
six women of the last felting-exchange group 
(ha : a very appropriate meeting place)

It was so hot this last week
that the sheep were kept inside the sheepfold 
in stead of going on the moors !!!
(luckily they were without their thick coat,
except of course the lambs !)

In the shade of a lovely big oak tree
we had coffee and a pot luck lunch !

We could admire all the work that was made during the year
and then took it home again with us
after deciding it had been FUN :
so there will be another felting-exchange !

Later that day daughter and I made the last preparations
for the next day on the MAF-festival market
Last stitches on some items for me
and daughter made a lovely "lettuce" jacket
for the little white felted bunny :
the prize for the lottery for the benefit of the 
(forest fund)

(he will soon go to little Tessa, who guessed correctly
how many felted balls were in the jar !)

So, after a short (HOT) night we went to Zeewolde ...

we built our tent
and attended the opening with the other stallholders and staff

Then we started with our first mini workshop :
felting a small cuff ...

... and then stitching it with lots of beads and sequins !
(hmmmmm : lucky to be in the shade of the tent !!!)

All went well
and everybody was happy
until at five o'clock .....
the foretold thunderstorm came nearer !
Lots of people (and some stallholders) had already disappeared 
but it seemed the real storm would pass by at some distance ...

It did,
but not the wind !
The wind got hold of  our tent
and it was blown down, while we were grasping it ...
pfffft : our strong neighbour stallholder rescued us !

Within seven minutes it was all over :
the wind had disappeared and the sun came back 
Not one thing damaged of our goodies
(and just some rings torn off the tent)
so all ended well

And it all ended with a fire and a celebration
for Mother Earth

What a wonderful day
Today there were some other artists of our family busy

the litle one "discovered" painting 
(with a bucket of water and a brush)

though he rather wanted to paint like his big sister ...

She showed us earlier this zentangle in her sketchbook

and her painting ended up like this !

So the little one did some more paiting on the paving slabs
(and was happy with it)

donderdag 2 juli 2015

hot in July

While summer solstice was a kind of drizzly day,
at the end of June and now in July
the summer is in full swing :
it's HOT !
We keep the doors and windows closed
to keep the heat out as much as possible
only to open them up very late in the evening.
Last night it stayed well over 25 degrees
Lots of time to make some new items
for the MAF-Festival (and market)
this Sunday :
a "dance" waistband 
(leastwise : there are tiny bells sewn onto it,
so it jingles as you move)

(MAF : Mother Earth Family festival)

It was so much fun to look for bright and "bling" goodies
in my vast stash.
But some of the ribbon (also with the pompons) I bought
last week on the Rotterdam weekly market.
I lóve those tiny pompons
except :
I  DON'T like it that my thread
catches time and again behind them !!!

I just need to sew on the bands to tie it.

A detailed peek.

And here is another one in blue

That little "baby" ...  is just a matching cuff

Another detail.

Of course the cuff has a little bell too !

And yet another, in black and white.
It was hard to find some good black-and-white flowers
(I didn't have a big felted one)
so I took this gorgeous big silk peony and bow
as a bright pink accent.

I sat in the garden just now,
sewing on the black and white one in the last daylight,
listening to the quiet, lazy songs of several blackbirds
singing their latest tunes
.... mmmmmm
warm summer nights !