vrijdag 26 januari 2018

sleeping ...

The little paintings I'm making right now
are all little fantasies.
Stories one can make up
by just looking at the painting ...

After the owls
came a sheep, a ram 



maandag 22 januari 2018

"night friends"

Here's the finished little painting
(only 9 x 14 cm ,   3.5 x 5.5")
The new fine brushes I bought lately
are just fine for this
(I had some older ones with hairs sticking out : grrrrrrrrr)

Because it is such fun
I started on the next one immediately.

(in progress)

donderdag 18 januari 2018

18 - 1 - 18

The year has quietly started ...
and I continued with what I was doing
at the end of December :
After the "Snowman" and the "Star catcher"
I was in the mood again !
Other crafts have been quiet for a while,
that's how things work best for me.

I have a whole page with little sketches
with ideas that I might make
into a bigger little painting
with gouache paint (poster paint)
Normally I work with acrylic paint, "oils" is not me ...
The little grandson is very happy that I'm using that now,
instead of acrylic paint !
(that HARD to get from his clothes,
should he make a mess ...
so now he's happy to work next to me !)

After making the layered background
I start with the drawing in chalk pencil
(which is in fact for sewing, but it works great)

Working the light colours is a bit tricky
(because the layers underneath easily dissolve again)

The rest is for tomorrow ...

Red, yellow and blue ...
and learning how to mix the other colours !



We had a mighty storm today here in Holland :
roofsblown off, trees fell and trucks blown over,
all train traffic stopped
and some roads were closed.

In the afternoon is quieted down, thank heavens !

A true winter storm !