zondag 27 november 2011

fabulous felting ... and then ...

Last weekend daughter and I had a fabulous felting class with

( we had looked forward to it for over 3/4 of a year ! )

And YES !
it was all we hoped for and so much more
It was three days of working very hard
on three projects
and we learned sooo much

A lot of new techniques and inspiration to start working on !



And then
the whole world came to a standstill :
our dearest loved-one
got caught up in a terrible hit-and-run car crash
and thank heavens came out of it with, as it seems now, only "minor" problems
when you see the wreckage of what once was a car .....

there must have been a big pair of angel wings around them !!!!  

 But after this nothing else seems important
and I think it will stay like that
at least for a while now 

zondag 13 november 2011


A bit later than I thought this weekend
I finally finished the special "Baktus" shawl,
the one with the lacy side.
 I got the pattern at one of my favourite yarnshops
"de Schapekop" in Nieuwpoort.
It's true that I did buy a few times on-line,
but with yarn I like it best when I can feel what I'm buying
and also colour wise I think it's much safer

I love these self striping yarns
( Drops Delight )

( and something different about colours : here )

The pattern was easy
and I especially like the edge of the strait side of the shawl !

Now I will have time for my "big cloth", I think,
however ...
aren't there any other things to do ...
with Sint Nicolaas and Christmas coming up ?

vrijdag 11 november 2011

11 - 11 - 11

Isn't that a beautiful date ?
( well : not everybody in the world is having this same funny date ...)


... some say : it's the number of fools,
some say : it's the number of wisdom ...
 Foolish things can be said by "wise people"
however... wise things can be said by "fools"

( I think it depends a lot
what's your own point of view considering
what's being said )

This week was mandala-week again
both for Man and me

( sorry, bad light )

zaterdag 5 november 2011

enough ?

When I'm knitting I like to use
fingering weight yarn :
a lot of stitches on a fine needle.

( Don't make thick sweaters anymore nowadays :
with central heating you don't need them
and outside the ever present wind blows through ! )

I've used different brands of "sock yarn" for the socks I knitted,
a 100 gram skein is enough for a pair of socks
up till quite big !
For my size I mostly use up about 60 (+) gram
so that always leaves me with "one sock" leftover yarn ...

The blue socks of my favourite Regia yarn
( two 50 gram skeins )
were finished and I had about 20 g left of each skein
What to do with thát ?
Since winter is coming I had a good idea :
for fingerless gloves ( mitts ) it should be just enough ( I hoped )

And .......

pffffft, ... glad I was right
( when you see what was left ! )

Which only leaves me with a little bit more knitting to do 
to finish the second one !

( Won't do any cables in this kind of self striping yarn anymore
it's hardly to be seen )

donderdag 3 november 2011

a finished project

The autumn colours in the garden
are fading away all to quickly.

But even on the ground the display is still beautiful
almost magical ...

magical ???

The one Dahlia I had this year, I planted in a pot,
to prevent an early death by slugs and snails.
But probably the spot wasn't sunny enough,
ánd ...
I pinched out the top to make it grow a bit broader.
Thát it didn't like :
it didn't want to grow at all
in the beginning.

But now, finally :
one gorgeous flower
worthwhile waiting for !
( a promess for next year : and no pinching thén ! )

( in fact she's even darker than here on the photo )

Last year on the Handwerkbeurs ( crafts fair )
daughter saw someone in one of the yarn stalls wearing a lovely vest
She complimented the lady and had a good look at it ... 
and started after she found the right sort of yarn.

Well, sometimes things take a bit longer
than you think they will
especially when there's no pattern at all, just that memory
of something beautiful .....
There was a lot of discussion, and making those horrible
( but necessary ) gauge samples,
a lot of doing and on-doing

( like cutting a part of the bottom of the too long sleeves )

But finally today
the whole project was finished  !
Crochet and knitting, and crochet again ...

the front

and the back
( the true colours lie somewhere in between because of the flash light )

A very proud and happy daughter !