zondag 15 augustus 2021

August ??

 Oh my
time is rushing by more quickly
than you think it does
. . . . .
Not true of course when you think back of all the fun
(or sad) things that have indeed happened.
We've had enough of both lately
but I will limit myself to the fun things.

There were of course more Stitch Club workshops :
another one of Sue Stone,
Debbie Smyth
Maria Thomas,
and now Jean Draper.

For Sue it was :
tell a story, take a person and background
and add some text.
But since I'm still slowly stitching on my "Joetta Maue portrait"
of our youngest grandson, I took and animal instead of a person,
the fox

 And I LOVE that clever text
where ALL the letters of the alphabet are
in one English sentence.

Some pieces of vintage fabric are really soft to stitch on
and the Inktense pencils did the job very well

When I thought I was finished, 
I found a snippet on the floor that was just right
for adding some different colour too !


The work Debbie Smyth makes is really awesome
but I wasn't in the mood
for hammering many many pins in wood
so that workshop is left for another time.

Then came Maria Thomas.
Working with "faux" shisha-mirrors and putting
all kinds of memorabilia on cloth
was really fun to do.
I chose (again) a colour scheme of
black / gray / white /  and a touch of red.
It turned out that most of my fabrics
were striped or checked but that was okay.
I decided to use my extensive stash of clothing labels
but I was low on mirrors and bottle caps !!!

Bits and pieces collected for a good start.

Everything pinned in place !

And then something beautiful happened !!!

Because I mentioned on the members page of Stitch Club
that I didn't have any shisha mirrors,
a Dutch member (in fact two : sisters !) offered to send me
some really big sequins instead !!!

Then I said, why don't I come and get them myself
(because I already knew they live in a town nearby !!!
So yesterday I went on bike and Ferry
and visited my textile friends !!!
Now that was fun !
We talked long about lots of things
and it was great to see and FEEL the textile pieces.
I went home (much later than I thought)
with a little stash of sequins and even bottle caps !
(hmmmm . . . next piece)


Half of my piece
and in need of a few more kantha stitches !


And what is a summer without some "water-fun" ???
That is the advantage of a garden next to water