donderdag 22 april 2021

woensdag 21 april 2021

stitched lines

These last two weeks
we had a STITCH  CLUB  workshop
by Joetta Maue
translating photos into stitch>

Hahaha :
sooooo many of the Stitch Club members
have been looking through their photo stash
for hours and hours,
catching up on lovely memories !

I have many photographs on the computer too
more than one used to have in an album.
When there were still rolls of film in a camera,
I mostly used 36 frames
because you never knew how many would be good
(and how many not !)
How different things are nowadays
with digital cameras !!!

I chose a photo with grandchildren
(digital, so easy to enlarge and print)
I printed several
and asked the "subjects" to choose

Because I didn't have any vintage "beauties"
I took a piece of an old linen blouse
that I had cut apart, to use for some textile work.

I didn't want to use only black for the stitching
but chose the colours from the photo
only in a "dustier" shade.

After MANY hours if making lines of tiny stitches
the "men" of the family are there !

The original photo and the stitched piece  (A4)

The "middle" one (here 11) trying out his mum's old racing bike.

maandag 5 april 2021

brrrrr : Easter ! (and other things)

I am really sure we never had an Easter Monday
as cold as this one :
with wind and rain and SNOW and HAIL

For our little family Easter means : looking for eggs in the garden.
(Oh yes, we had rain a few time s and then
the Easter Bunny hid the eggs somewhere inside !

Because this time we had no wrapped eggs (vegan)
I wrapped them myself :
some in alu foil (for outside)
and some in coloured tissue paper (for inside)

In our spring garden there are plenty of places where eggs can be hidden !

The first few eggs are often easily found
because a small part is showing
. . .
but after that, it gets a bit harder

And no matter how small or how big you are :
looking for Easter eggs is FUN !

(as helper of the Easter Bunny, I  always count the eggs,
because after a bit I have forgotten where I put them !)

We didn't find them all (!)
but it was so freezing that we went inside to look for the "paper" ones

Sometimes it's hard to see things
even if they're right under your nose !
(in the white felted shell )

After an hour the weather turned


Last week I mentioned "mending"
and that there were two real things
I still needed to do

The big guy was totally satisfied with my work
and glad that he could wear his trousers again !

My wonderful "knitting-daughter"
made a present for someone :

For the Stitch Club this week
I made this "wrap"

I hope the sun and warmth return next week !!!

(p.s. : still some eggs missing outside !)