maandag 27 februari 2017


Though there is still a lot
of other projects in progress
there was a lot of knitting the last week !

I found a pattern on Ravelry
and if you knitted the shawl before March 1
money would be donated to a good cause.
Now that is kindness !

I was a bit late to start
but the pattern isn't too difficult
and well written !
It was just the right project for
e lovely soft skein of indigo dyed alpaca
that I got from Birgit

In my stash was also a bit of 
Drops Kid mohair,
just a fine combination !

Because I used a Knitpro with changeble points
I easily could use a "life line" now and then ...
(you can see it in the right picture)

so nearly there ...

And here she is after blocking !

I love how the two yarns work together !!!

In the meanwhile
in the garden


(though today, it's raining all day long !)

zaterdag 11 februari 2017

projects, small and big

I'm not a one-thing-only person.

It might be a flaw,
not able to stick to one technique
and becoming really good at it,
but that's how it is.

So, small projects,
like the little knitting needle pouches.
I must say I got carried away,
looking in my stash for suitable fabrics :
the Kaffe Fassett ones jumped out 
"use me, use me ... "

Ah yes,
why not make a whole rainbow of pouches ???

Two weeks ago a St'nB friend in Rotterdam
had the most wonderful tiny
knitting project :

Of course I was immediately thinking
of our dear Bagheera ...

I finished him today and brought him to daughter.

Another small project was making pictures
for daughter's knitting course :

double knitting, step-by-step

Then there are socks again,
this time with the most wonderful wool
that my friend Birgit gave me
She is such a great dyer !!!

I have two "cakes", one for each sock.
I mixed it with some solid purple that was in my stash
(that way I can make more out of it ...  ;-)  ... !)

But the really BIG project isn't mine at all !
Water management
is a very important issue in our low country.
So every few years the local small waterways 
canals, ditches have to be "cleaned"

This moment the little canal
next to our garden is being cleaned ...
with something that looks like a giant
water vacuum cleaner !

(the cleaner hose)

Right at this moment, a very COLD job !

Our early little flowers are hiding under a bit of snow right now !

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  !