maandag 29 januari 2024

wire and fabric (and stitch)

"Make a structure out of wire
and cover it with fabric pieces using batik wax"
that was the Stitch Club workshop that just ended,
by Priscilla Edwards 

Any thin wire could be used
but the special paper covered kind came with the mail a bit later.
I chose to make a critter in stead of a teacup
Though because I couldn't find the wax
(that I must have somewhere . . .)
I used some special textile hardener.
But first a flower to try out if this could be done !

Hmmm . . . very sticky fingers
but, it worked in the end !

Then on to the little beast : a ladybug !
Many parts to construct and fiddly to put together
but in the end it could fly !!!

(the wings were made on the machine)

I totally forgot to show the
Stitch Club embroidery workshop by Cassandra Dias
that came before the one by Priscilla !

Stitching a landscape brought me to the colourful scene
so many tourists that visit The Netherlands in spring yearn for.
Though the downside of these lush coloured fields is :
the pollution with MANY pesticides !

Only 10 x 10 cm
but so densely stitched that it took a long time."

Then came number two : a lone tulip

(there might even be a number three,
but that will take some time again !)

maandag 1 januari 2024

happy New Year ! (1 - 1 - '24)

just in time, I finished the challenge
for Yara's Bibabo wild marathon

The letter was the "X" for December
a pretty tough one !
The creative challenge is that you make
a real living animal that starts with the chosen letter.
I waited for a long time
also because there was lots that needed doing
but in the end I checked the web page of the game.
there Yara always gives suggestions of the possibilities>
When I saw the "Xantus' Hummingbird" on her list
I knew definitely what to make !
(see the my insta-page for some extra information)
After looking at lots of pictures I made a start
with the slightly altered pattern we normally use for finger puppets.

So meet Xerxes !

Daughter's first bigger tattoo is a hummingbird !

So today I went to wish her a happy New Year at her home
(instead of the other way round : because of her broken ankle !)
and brought her the little birdie 
as a good start !