woensdag 21 juni 2023

solstice and more

 The   l o n g e s t   day already in this year,
where did the first half go ?
At least we had SUMMER for the last two weeks !
Some heavy shower yesterday :
much needed in the garden
(and the rest of nature !!!)
I didn't make any special solstice stitching this time
hmmmm, maybe later ?

Yesterday our youngest grandson
came "around the back" with a friend from school

(just before the big shower came )

The STITCH CLUB "white-work" workshop
wasn't really for me :
because of the colour (or rather lack of it !)
and the straight lines, but I tried in the same curtain fabric
with lots of fun "threads" . . .

I liked making texture with the stuff to wrap presents !

For this month's challenge for the
the letter "O" came out of the raffle !
There were many many animals to choose from :
Otter, Ocelot, Okapi, Octopus, Ostrich, Orangutan,
and also Ooievaar and Olifant (in Dutch !)
But I chose :
a beautiful antelope from the dry parts of east Africa.
( endangered . . . like so MANY other animals )
I made a finger puppet so I had to work small.
Making the pattern of the colours wasn't easy !

Meet Oliver the Oryx !

It was all wet felted in one piece,
just the horns, which can be more than a meter in real life,
were separately and attached in the end

Another fun project completed !