zaterdag 30 september 2023

last day of September, and tomorrow . . .

there will be a new start of my

PINKTOBER - challenge !

Many of you already know what this means :
a wonderful little textile gem
which you can buy
and ALL the money you pay for that goes to


for more research into new treatment ánd aftercare
for breast cancer patients.

This year again I will make my (felted) 
Textile Jewels
but . . .
my hands are not very good lately :
rheumatic arthritis
inhibits the mobility of them.
For now all is going reasonably well
and I hope I can continue my challenge the whole month !
(hmmm . . .  next year we'll see)


But this last September day
was just the last possibility to post
my animal for the letter "I" of this month for the
No felting again this time but a bird made of
a tiny balloon, wire, paper and glue.


dinsdag 19 september 2023

My finished eye !

It was a lovely Stitch Club workshop by
Elizabeth Griffiths

Our task was to do the stitches only
in one (vertical) direction !
That wasn't really easy.
On top of that one had to find out what part of the photo
was lighter or darker than the other part
and thus choose a fitting colour

Sticking to "natural" colours wasn't necessary,
but I did.
(which didn't mean that was easier, hahaha !)

In the end, stitching to ONE direction of stitch
proved to give a beautiful result.

woensdag 6 september 2023

new start

With the help of daughter
I had a lovely market in BAARN :
beautiful weather,
lovely surroundings,
nice chats and lots of compliments
and customers.

I hope everyone enjoys their little artwork
for a loooong time,


These last few weeks I skipped a few
of the Stitch Club workshops
because the felting and stitching for the markets
took up all my time.
But now it is time for
a new start

The workshop of  Katherine Diuguid
is the first again for me
(the others that I skipped will probably follow later)
Katherine gave us a kind of "watercolour" mixing design.
Having two different coloured strands of floss in the needle
is something I use often,
but now it is a more structured exercise.

The colour in the center
is mixed with the ones around it
and that gives a wonderful result !

halfway there !

zaterdag 2 september 2023

tomorrow . . .

I've surprised myself :
I did it !

I hardly believed it possible, but my little bird piece
that I started earlier this week is finished.
And so : in time to take it with me to BAARN tomorrow !


(European Goldfinch  -  Distelvink)

So once again :
if you are anywhere near tomorrow,
come and have a wonderful time with music and art !

See you there !