zondag 29 maart 2020

new (old) things ...

Somehow I'm not able to pick up
my "normal" creative work
like felting, stitching, drawing or painting.
So after my dear granddaughter came by
to take some coloured cotton thread home
(we kept our distance, she knew what she wanted,
and knew where to find it)
to make "friendship bracelets",
I looked up some patterns on Pinterest
and started myself  ...

Years ago we made the simple (striped) ones.
But now I watched some videos
how to make the (4) different knots
to make the more intricate patterns.

These "arrows" were my favorite
(and were explained quite well)

It's sooo much fun to pick the colours from my giant stash !!!

 The first one (in the middle) is finished,
the second is with a loop (right) and the green one (left)
that went totally wrong after taking this picture :
I accidentally turned it to the backside when I went on with it 

Only blues !
The dice is to keep track of the six repeating rows
(that I know by heart now)
(The next one will surely be another pattern !)

We're still mostly inside,
the sun is shining but there is a very cold wind
but inside our Bella always "asks"
for her cushion to be placed in a sunny (warm) spot

And when daughter brought us some groceries early this week
there were some lovely tulips too !

SPRING inside !

Every night they have to be put in the hall :
Bella LOVES to chew on them
(and then throw up !)

donderdag 19 maart 2020

more work in strange times

Strange times :
the corona virus is keeping the world
in a stranglehold.
We have to adjust to things
we never guessed we had to adjust to ...
I wish everyone out there
good health and patience to sit it out
and lots of strength to those who have been affected by it.

Not going out in the street
but still lots to do in the garden
after the terrace was raised more than a week ago.
I had taken out plants that I didn't want to loose
and am busy putting them back right now.

day one

day two

the end of day three

Two days later, at the end of the strangest birthday
daughter had with us not being able to visit her.

A new path and me, yesterday, redirecting garden soil

We soon had wanted and unwanted guests

Still a lot to be done

Stay safe everybody 

vrijdag 6 maart 2020

WORK ! (and giveaway)

I threw the dice
(three and six)
so Angie please send me an email with your address
and the LEAP day mandala comes to you !

Last week on Friday
lots of work has been done in the garden :
a new fence !

Raindrops, just when the last screws
went into place !

Wednesday and today
I worked in the garden too :
preparations for tomorrow
when the gardeners
will raise the terrace

About halfway collecting stuff
(that came from all over the place)
that needs to be dumped.

I was busy removing and saving bits along the edge
that come under pressure when the terrace is raised,
but also enjoying some early beauties !!!

(remember Hetty ?) 

These lovely Helleborus were hidden in a Tallictrum
I got when my dear garden friend Rhonda's sister
moved (back) to Australia

Curious if all goes well tomorrow ...

For now :
(don't know how you keep up the garden work, Mo ... ?!?!)