donderdag 22 november 2012

three blind mice ....

I'm working on little finger puppets
(for the fair)

no more pictures allowed !
Something funny going on here !?!

When I was still working with the youngest children
in school, I loved to tell stories
with a hand or finger puppet
the children enjoyed themselves
and had such funny reactions
talking to the puppet !

All the mice that are finished
are waiting for a new member of the family .....

No use to go on right now,
can't show my felting exchange either ... 

sorry .... !

donderdag 15 november 2012

soft stones

Right before Christmas I will experience
for the second time
what it's like to have a stand on a fair
(the first time, last year on a Spring Fair wasn't exactly a succes,
but ... why not try again)
I don't like to make things just because
I want to sell them,
it kind of hinders my free creativity.
So now I must find things to make that I like doing
ánd that are salable
This is one of my first tries :

soft stones
I took some real stones
gave them a felted jacket
and started stitching.
Because it is a Winter Fair I thought it appropriate to start with white

Simple stitches, but the combinations are fun to do

Sorry, almost forgot to give Lisa credit for her felting tutorial
which is very helpful for a lot of people.

vrijdag 9 november 2012

sunny bag

When I had this friend over who felted the red bag
I didn't do much else than a bit of knitting
(and making coffee, tea and lunch)
I don't have enough space
for "more than one bag at the time"
That's okay, but I always start felting myself
right after such a day.

I planned this new bag
to fit especially to a jacket that I made for myself
out of silk / linen five years ago
(remember for wich occasion  ;-)  !)
I will make a picture of it later, with the bag ...

Sunny colours : golden yellow, pink and a bit magenta
The Ginkgo leaves are no coincidence !

I used the same template as the one for my orange bag
(last year) and the friend's red bag

There's the Ginkgo (a bit of pre-felt) 
and I used some netting in order to prevent that the design might shift

It really took a long time and repeated corrections
before the spirals stayed in place.

(the spiral is a bit more pink than here on the photo)

Now I must wait till it's completely dry so I can fix the strap
and a little magnet as a closure.


dinsdag 6 november 2012

a fun day

Today a friend came over to felt a bag.
She wanted the bag to match
with her lovely new red boots.
I had ordered the wool that would go nicely
with the picture she send me,
but we took thát colour for the inside
and a slightly darker one for the outside.

Working very hard !

Late in the afternoon she went home
with some final instructions,
a little rolling mat
and still some homework to do !

Today it was a true autumn day :
some wonderful sunshine ...

(mmmmm, those colours)

... and some heavy downpour
( so we must have been in that pot of gold all day ! )
And finally :

" I want to ride my (mom's) bicycle ... "

( Ha, for the very first time !!! )