vrijdag 27 mei 2011

too many

What happens if you have
too many ideas
Most of the time you end up doing nothing at all.

There is my "square moon" to take care of,
there is a new felt-fabric to make,
there are the new fabric pieces from Jude, 
there are at least four "woven" pieces
including the background of last years "August" journal-quilt
and there are even some "beasts" left-overs.
But where to start ???
So :

I did some felting !
(that makes sence, doesn't it?)

I needed a little bag for my cards and I used the template I made
before when I made a little bag for daughter's cards

I think the little envelope goes well with my "fiberrainbow"
(the greens and turquoise are on the back)

And while I was at it I went on making a cuff

which is drying right now.

I also got some pieces from my stash of silk (from my silk-painting days)
to take with me to the dyeing workshop by Pam de Groot in July.

So , did my to-do list get any shorter ?
I think not

(Daughter called from the Festival:
she is having a good time, and everybody loves the "Sun Moon" rug!)

donderdag 26 mei 2011

something special !

Today I recieved a very special present.
With the envelope still sealed,
I was already "over the moon"
because I knew the envelope came from Jude !!!

WOW Megamendung !!!
(the real one)
.... and lots of other pieces ....
.... moons ....
.... and Jude's magic thread ....
and ...

one of Jude's stitched hearts !

Ideas, ideas whirling around in my head ...

....what a treasure ....

Thanks Jude !

woensdag 25 mei 2011


Again I gave a little felting workshop today
and three satisfied ladies went home in the afternoon.
(Sorry, totally forgot to take pictures)

After a LOT of rolling on Sunday,
we (daughter and I) went on throwing on Monday ...

and un-doing stitches ...

measuring and rinsing ...

and dripping ....

Unfortunately it was already too dry when I took it inside.
So :
the next day outside again and trying to flatten it out
with hot water.

We succeeded and it could dry completely inside.

Making a felted rug isn't easy !!!!!
(no, sorry I don't have the last photo: daughter took it with her,
to the Festival she is going to tomorrow,
very proud by the way !!!)

She also had some of the "Spirit Power" necklaces finished

(We are very proud of her)

zondag 22 mei 2011


The garden looks very beautiful this time of the year
although it was rather dry, which some plants didn't like very much.
But there is water next to our garden
where I can fill up the watering-can.

And the rain of last night was well recieved.

look at this normally nearly round leaf of the Lady's mantle :

what tiny lady is making herself a brand new dress
from all the pieces cut from it ... ?

I'm sorry,
this little guy won't grow up to be a mighty oak tree 

No room for that in our small garden !
... not growing up to be a true "Tree Soul" like
Oliver Hertel makes them ...

( ... could I make a Bonsai out of him / her ?)

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

boy o boy ....

It was a hell of a day
This whole day and this evening we have been on our knees :
that was only
because of the  big  felt work in progress!
(and we are by far not finished)

Daughter had made the huge ring of sunrays in two halves of pre-felt

I cut out the ring with a duplicated pattern
and daughter did the details on moon and sun with a felting needle

Then we stitched the parts together on the big base of pre-felt

Then came the tricky bit :
two layers of wool tops that had to move under the sunrays !

Did we have enough of this or that colour ?

(though scarcety makes inventive)


(and in between there were children to and from and to school again
lunch, swimming lesson, dinner ...)

.... and tonight again on our knees


felting is fun!

donderdag 19 mei 2011

square moon

The piece that I'm working on
for the Sun / moon / stars Whispering
is slowly getting to it's end.

But sometimes the stitching isn't easy !
Because some of the indigo fabric is very densely woven.
On top of that (literally) is the nine patch of the square moon,
so then there are about six layers ...
sometimes a pair of tongs is the only way to get the needle through.

In a thrift shop I found this beautiful blue hanky
that I immidiately planned for the backing as soon as I saw it.
It is very thin so I must think of a way to use it :
probably with another layer behind it
(then I could even cut out the middle part ...)

still a lot of stitching to do
(ánd I need to find a place for my magic thread)

(Tomorrow I will be assisting daughter with her big felt)

woensdag 18 mei 2011


This is about w.i.p.s
Ofcourse :  most of the time it's about work in progress here ...
That way you can see how things develop and grow,
that's more fun
then showing just a finished product.
(At least that's how I think about it)
So : Work In Progress
But this time it isn't mine, but daughter's !
(By the way : she's the one who got me hooked on felting)

This is the beginning of some serious felting !
a  big  project
2 x 2 metre
so there's no room on the table

First some pre-felt is made
on the drawing that is on the floor

And another part ...

This is the first time she works that big
(but there's a first time for everything)

Although she can work very small too :

The frog for instance is less than 4 cm !
so :
... other work in progress ...

zondag 15 mei 2011

mandala wednesday

(Well Blogger is still acting funny: this was a post I did
last Wednesday  May 11, and had to repair, but now jumped to Sunday ???)

Second Wednesday in the month
is mandala day,
sorry to say, that it was our last one
(for now)

This season
(that is September, October, November and December
of last year and Februari, March, April and May this year)
the subject for each evening was
animals of power
(or the power of animals ?)

Tonight was the dolfin

The other animals were :
snake, salmon, bear, owl, horse, wolf and eagle.

For a dear internet friend who was very ill 
I made a small mandala which I send to her
(I hope it has arrived safely in the US)

for Herm

And today my brother was a Birthday "boy"
He said he is going to count backwards
(for the last two years already)
that's more favourable, he thinks ....!

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

whispering .....

In May Jude Hill started a new "Whispering"
It's a beautiful concept :
she picks a subject for possible new work and
lets you in on all her thoughts, try outs
and techniques so that you can enjoy seeing how she works
and use it in your own work
as you are trying to work along with this 
"Master in Cloth and Stitch"
that Jude is.
Whispering in May is called
Sun, Moon, Stars

As an appetizer I started in April with a star

which now looks like this.

After some serious thoughts about the sun/moon/stars subject
and the possibilities for the composition and background,
Jude showed how to discharge dark cloth, simply with bathroom cleaner,
to make moons and stars.
That was so much fun that I had to try that
and started a dark blue cloth.

Jude is known for her "What-iffing"
so I asked myself (like her)
"What if the moon was a square ?"
I had some whitish inchies nine patches that I used
some time ago to make Biscornu's,
(the funny shaped pincushions Eva makes)

But the square didn't last long : SHE must be round I think

So here is my moon : round again


Just as I nearly finished this post yesterday Blogger went "dead"
nothing to post, nothing to comment at friends' blogs
ánd worst of all :
I thought I had to start aaaaaalllll over again with this one !
So I was very happy when I realized 10 minutes ago
that not all had gone lost !

(oops ... and now I see it's already Saterday ...)

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Caterpillar versus Polygonatum

Today I can finally show the whole "Caterpillar"
The new owner (Rina) came this morning to collect it !

Caterpillar versus Polygonatum

The extra leaves stand out nicely, just as I intended to
and just like they do on the real Solomon's seal.

(These are the Solomon's seals last Sunday
in Arboretum Trompenburg.
They are much bigger than the wild ones I used to have
in my garden,
so two years ago I bought a few plants there)

The butterfly at the top is matching the quilt colour,
because I never really saw the butterflies that
come from those gray green caterpillars ...

And guess what : Rina loves gardening too !
So we had a lot more to talk about
ánd I could give her some of my plants she liked

Especially for Rina
this Iris, which was still closed in the morning 
but opened beautifully this afternoon
when the sun returned after a well recieved rainy night.

"Purple Haze"
(a name well chosen, I think !)

zondag 8 mei 2011

mother's day well spent

Mother's day is the day that I like to visit
the spring garden fair in
Arboretum Trompenburg
 in Rotterdam

Our garden is overflowing
but ...
there is always that tiny spot where there is room
for that special plant you always wanted !

So, with my dearest garden friend, I went te Rotterdam
this beautiful sunny morning.

There are some special nurseries with the most beautiful plants.

But this time of the year is the best moment to admire
the huge collection Rhododendrons they have
in the Arboretum.
They have them in e v e r y colour !
From white, all pinks, red, orange, yellow, to the deepest purple.
(real blue is the only exeption)

really amazing colours

(I don't tink I said too much)

But there are also many, many other beautiful trees

After coffee and cake in the dappled shade under the trees
we went home very satisfied in the afternoon
with some bags with plants.

A mother's day well spent!

(Hey .... I hear it's finally raining now! At last! It has been very dry lately :
the gardens (and the farmers) will love that)