woensdag 28 december 2011

on wings ...

Christmas over, so now I can show
what I was up to last week

The idea was born out of the fact
that some of my dearly loved ones could use 
some heavenly support.
But making the first one brought me back to reality quickly :
it takes quite some time to make an angel !!!

As a start I cut up some embroidered linen shirt

( I'm so lucky to have these little tweezers
to turn those tiny arms and legs ... )

( that was the pair of socks ... )

And a day or two later
the second one was finished

two little guardian angels

Well ofcourse there had to come a third one.

All of them easily found their new homes
and they will be taking care of things
for a looooooooong time !

For now, all I have to do is enjoy the last few days
of this year

and then ...

to you all

dinsdag 20 december 2011

making again .....

Yes ..... I started making things again
but sorry to say :
I can't show it yet !

( ssssshh christmas present .... )

I finished a pair of socks, started a new pair
and am still working on the purple green striped pair
that matches the baktus skarf
( so it's kind of sock-time )

Although my christmas cards weren't
as funny as the home-made ones like last year's
( I just bought them in the store )
the thought of colour pencils was só demanding
I had to make a special

christmas drawing

To all my blogging friends all over the world :

I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas

( or whatever you call the holidays you're celebrating )

zondag 18 december 2011


Things are still very slow around here.
I'm happy to tell our loved-one is improving every day !
But all of this has kind of taken it's toll on all of us.

In the last few days we have been busy with a .... puzzle !
Our all-time favourites are the ones of


(this one was our recent "Sinterklaas" present)
We have been enjoying Mordillo's work since the seventies :
his cartoons are funny, colourful, and there are
always soooooo  many details to see and enjoy in his work

... this puzzling is kind of soothing,
 ánd addictive ...

( there's only peace when the last piece is fitted in )

And as it seems :
this puzzle-urge runs in the family

dinsdag 13 december 2011

a friend .... and a friend

Today I had a lovely day with a dear old friend.
She faced a long car journey with her man
 in rainy and stormy weather to meet me in Rotterdam,
and it was fun together
like it always was.

She brought me a wonderful piece
of Kaffe Fasset "Megamendung"
and some pieces of lace.
She provided me earlier with some old odds and ends
so I took the finished pieces with me, to show her what became of it.
(We first met thirty years ago in textile-art classes)


The other friend I made only recently,
through the internet
I most likely will never ever meet her in real life :
she lives in Australia !
We talked about felting and making little "Waldorf"dolls
and visited each other's blog and talked some more
and I sent her something for her seasonal table ...

Last Saturday a big envelope arrived through the mail :
... ? ...
did I order something that I totally forgot about ??? 
until I discovered the name on the back
Ronnie !

Thank you my dear, for your lovely early christmas presents !

a magazine about felting, some wonderful variegated threads
(of which I surely will make good use in some stitching projects)

and three little angels and a tiny baby Jesus

( I put up the christmas tree this afternoon and they are in it !!! )

donderdag 8 december 2011


These last two weeks have been very, very busy ...
but the best part is :
our dearest loved-one is on the way to recovery,
getting better by the day
a true miracle

We were very happy that we could celibrate
"Sinterklaas" as we would normally have done :
presents for the children
and a present with a funny poem
for the grown-ups 
(just like it should be)
(there's a great explanation about Sinterklaas here

All this, left no time (or desire) for blogging
just reading a bit ... 
and no big stitching, felting or knitting projects either.

Though the funny knitting book I got as a present
on the 5th of December gave enough little things to try !

An acorn, a fly fungus and .... yèk :  a slug ... (on granddaughter's request)
I don't like one as big as this in my garden
(wouldn't pick it up either !!!)

But the book is really fun
There's still a pair of socks with the same yarn as the Baktus skarf,
but also little progress on those :

still the first one ...

(we plan to visit the last Stitch'n Bitch for this year
on Saturday : knitting time then !)

Hopefully things will be getting back to normal soon,
but it left us all very much aware how precious life is, so
celibrate every day !

And for those of you who will be in the right place :
enjoy the lunar eclipse on Saturday