maandag 24 december 2018

enjoy !

Holidays give many opportunities.
You can spend them with family
with friends
with the cat / the dog
or alone

("home alone" can be sooo good,
though there still is that movie
they show almost every year about this time ... )

You can party
you can cook / eat some extravagant dinner
or just look what's in the fridge
Everyone can choose (I hope)
what suites her or him best.

The main thing is :


(these last few weeks I've enjoyed another
online felting class
made quite a few felted birds,
and made some special presents
that will be unwrapped in two days)

in case you are one of the many people
who have to WORK right now
then I hope you catch some
  happy time  
later !

vrijdag 14 december 2018

king or fisher ?

It might become a mild

Soon after making the very first bird
I started to use a felting needle :
not too much,
but just to make sure I start off with the right shape.
That way I'm able to follow more closely
the colour pattern on the bird.

King or Fisher ???

We don't hardly ever see them here, kingfishers.
They are quite rare
Years ago I saw a bright blue flash
from a branch near the water behind our garden
and knew what it must have been right away !
(never seen one since)

(no harm done)

(hmmmm ... sure lóóks like an addiction)

dinsdag 11 december 2018

one bird in the hand ...

Like last year
I'm participating in an online felting class

Though I don't have a lot of time
to do some big felting right now,
but there's the possibility to save these lessons for later
(like the wrist warmers and the skirt)

But the little birds that adorned a felted vessel
were sooooooooo CUTE
I had to try them right away !

A tiny bit of wool
lukewarm water, soap
and nimble hands
do the trick.

A small great tit was the result !

And because it's such fun ...
(a blue tit without a picture)

a wren

and a tail tit.
Always love it when in winter these little ones
come foraging in a group !

Maybe I even make one of these special visitors in felt !
(ring-necked parakeets are more and more common here)