zaterdag 30 april 2011

april finished .... quilt finished !

Today is Koninginnedag (Queen's day) in Holland.
It's a day that a considerable part of our country is coloured
orange !
I like that colour but I didn't join the party.

Our queen (with a lot of her family)
celebrates her "birthday"
somewhere in Holland.
Though her real birthday is in Januari ...
but then it's a bit too cold to celebrate outside,
so she decided to stick with the date of her mother's birthday
for all the festivities.

I didn't go out or watch t.v.
because I wanted to finish my
Caterpillar quilt
... and I did !

After adding a lot of hand stitching
I put the machine on the table again :
I finally had to tackle the problem of the sides,
but a "normal" quilt binding didn't fitt to the design, so

I know from experience
that making a "zig zag" stitched border
can go terribly wrong !

After a few try outs I solved the problem
with this special press foot
(although it still wasn't easy)

Then I fixed the sleeve at the back
and added the parts that "stand out", after making them a bit stiffer
with some dissolved "water soluble fabric"

This is all you get right now ....

When the new owner has the quilt
then  I will show the whole picture.

dinsdag 26 april 2011

belated and beforehand

Today I recieved a belated birthday present
from our daughter
(...another one )
Because of the "special number" birthday !

You can count the little squares
but I can tell you : there are a hundred,
65 are the normal bright fabric and 35 are still "veiled"
(that's our way of telling : hope you live to be a hundred)
There are some luck charms and bells at the bottom

The squares are 2 x 2 cm,
with white beads sewn to the background
(and most of the tiny pieces of fabric are "known" to me)
This is the second special quilt she made for me,
lucky me !

Jude will start another "Whispering" in May.
Beforehand I started with a star ...
... to get in the right mood probably

(there's a friend who will recognize some of the pieces :
I just asked her for old scraps
and she brought a bag full with her)

maandag 25 april 2011

about cooking ... why not

After falling seriously ill and nasty treatment
now thirteen years ago
I switched to being (almost) a vegatarian
and subcribed to a weekly bag of organically grown fruit and vegetables.
(I love "Odin" on his eight legged horse !!!)

You never know what will be in it
(unless you look on the internet, which I hardly ever do)
but I learned to live with that
and even appreciate it!
... get inspired by what you have ...
(not a bad idea I think)

Today I made pie, as I often do

... dough from a tin (sorry)
preparing the filling ...
miwing it all together ...
adding some tomatoes on top for colour ...
and after 33 minutes in the oven ...
(I love funny numbers ... 30 or 35 is okay too)


(Hmmm , I  haven't finished the "caterpillar quilt" yet:
still some problems to be solved!)

zaterdag 23 april 2011


When I walk in the garden in spring
I love it when I discover new growth or buds.
It's the time of the most rapid changes

Allium Christofii
only a bud now, but a big spiky sphere in no time !

Another Allium
Purple Sensation
( ... what's in the name .... )

   ... promises for next year ... 

... and for some friends !

Happy Easter weekend to you all !

dinsdag 19 april 2011


Last week on Wednesday we had our
monthly Mandala drawing group

The subject for our inspiration this year is
animal spirits
( I already showed one )
This time the Eagle was chosen :
we have a meditation and there is some special music to go with it

this is "my" Eagle

I saw recently some great photo's from an
"Eagle - Cam" on Deanna's blog
The camera follows a Eagle couple
and they now have three chicks.
It's great to see these magnificent birds.

zondag 17 april 2011

party !!!

What a great party it was yesterday 
with a lot of dear family and friends.

There were quite a lot of preparations but with the skilful help
of man and daughter it was very neatly done.

Before the guests arrived

coffee an tea waiting
and ... 

the yummy part of course
( nót home made but from a very fine bakery )

Later on there were all sorts of more good things to eat

( a lot of it home made this time ! )

The weather was nice as it often is on my birthday !

It's such a pity there is no scent-button on the blog :
the fragrance of these sweet peas is sooooo good .

It was a lovely unforgettable day.

donderdag 14 april 2011

b .... day

Today is !

that's ..
beetle - day ?

an old beetle and a new beetle
or ..
Beatles - day ?

"... will you still need me
will you still feed me
when I'm 64 ? "

no, ..... that was

"...Yesterday ..."
or ..
bonbon - day ?

no, we will get lots of bonbons tomorrow.
or ..
blues - day, ... bargain - day, ... bad hair - day ... ?

NO is


my birthday !
and a very happy one too !

dinsdag 12 april 2011


Man is studying Italian.
He does so for quite some years now
he loves the sound of that language !
It's very different from Dutch
so rather difficult to learn
but he's doing great.

He watches Italian tv ( with awful programs )
tries to read the sports page of Italian newspapers on internet
and sometimes he goes to an Italian movie with his class mates...
( no subtitles !!! )

For his conversation lessons he choose my quilts
as inspiration to talk about
and took some quilts with him to show.
There, someone loved this green one very much ...
and wants to buy it !!!
( I'm very proud ofcourse )

This is a detail of  "Caterpillar versus Polygonatum"

Every year I can hardly wait for the Solomon's seal ( Polygonatum )
to emerge from the ground :
misty gray-green leaves and tiny white bells.
And every year :
the caterpillars strike
and eat my beautiful plants till almost only the stems remain.

I made this quilt almost two years ago
for a contest in Holland called "Sporen" ( traces )

When it was almost finished
I got another good idea for the same motto
so made another quilt.
That one I entered in the contest ( and it was rejected )

Now I will gladly finish this "first born"
so it can go to a new home.

There are more funny things in the garden

this "monster" tulip
( who dares to enter here ? )

and I've never seen this one before :
it has a nose ( no, probably his mouth )
of almost 1 cm long !
... Pinoccio hover-fly ...?

zondag 10 april 2011

lovely spring weather

What a lovely spring weather we have.

The garden starts to be blue all over.

I can never resist picking some of the delicate Fritellaria bell-flowers

and put them in a little vase in the house.

Despite this warm weather I'm inside most of the time :
the living room needs some serious
decluttering !
With a birthday and a party coming up it is
really necessary.

When I'm working on my quilts or felting
I do this in the living room
although my "stash" is in a room upstairs.
During the whole proces I gather around me
new stacks of fabric or wool of certain colours
... and leave them there ...
This goes on a long time
( and I must say I have a patient husband )

So now I've started to make our living room look a bit more respectable again
and not like some sewing studio.

But ...
 I still find time to enjoy the weather and the garden


donderdag 7 april 2011

no name yet ...

This morning I did the last stitches on my March felt / fabric
( I know it's April )

There were some new things I tried in this one
and I like the way all of that turned out.
You can think things out beforehand
but it's funny how opportunities suddenly appear along the way.

I wanted this piece to be really "Springy"
In our garden there are lots of flowerbulbs blooming every year
so I wanted bulbs in the ground
and then ... above ground
a Daffodil "appeared"

But then I thought: it would be fun if the flower was
three dimensional ...

so that's what happened.

Such magic needs some magic thread !

After all the elfs were there I saw that the Daffodil
was right over one of the bulbs :
it was like they were just waiting to be connected.


The very last thing I did after all the stitching
was putting some beads on.
( and signing it on the back ofcourse )

Now there are three pieces finished
although I don't have a name for the last one yet
( any suggestions ? )

After I saw Jude's post "Willow wakes" today
I made a photo on the balcony :

the Willow right on the other side of the water
is already fully awake and "weeping"

maandag 4 april 2011

coming along nicely

So far the weather in April is quite good.
In the garden the flowerbulbs are racing one after another,
evey day there's something new to look at.

Winter aconites are over
and so are some of the early Daffodils

Lots of  blue, blue and blue again

love my Fritellarias
( and each year there are more, because they sow around quite good ! )

On my felt / fabric the flowerbulbs are doing fine too

Another elf in the making ....

... and finished !

The magic thread is creeping up the stem of the Daffodil.
With still some stitching to do 
this piece will soon be finished all together.

vrijdag 1 april 2011

fools' day ?

I think it is really the First of April today
What does a duck do in a hedge 1,8m high ?

Looking for a nesting site ?

Her "man" was very nervous
and kept an eye on her

 I think he was saying : "Woman what are you thinking ?".....

... and after a while she got down
and swam away.

Another elf