zondag 16 april 2023


Wat a lovely festive day it was today !
After a (very) quiet birthday on Friday
family and friends were visiting today.

Presents and LOTS of flowers

One of many beautiful bouquets !
(amazing, where these out-of-season flowers come from
hmmmm glass houses of course)

Though NOT a sunny day
(in fact even cold)
the flowering trees in the garden
are bravely showing their colours (for me) !

The green points on the Ginkgo tree
are promising bright green leaves soon too.

Another small gouache painting finished and framed.


zondag 9 april 2023

Easter Sunday (post 1111)

Months are flowing into each other
with all kinds of appointments that keep us busy.
But luckily there is also time
for stitching and painting
family !
No matter how big the grandchildren grow,
looking for Easter eggs in the garden is always FUN !
So today they hunted for eggs
(hmmm, one is still somewhere hidden in the green !)
and later had a yummy dinner.

Yesterday I finished my first gouache painting
to replace the ones I sold last year on the art market.

I have three more sketches ready
for a few more
(but I surely won't finish them all before May 13,
perhaps only one !)