woensdag 22 mei 2024

pieces finished

 The little flower piece of the last post
wasn't quite finished,
the stitching was done
but it was still "only" a piece of fabric.
On my own wall I don't think that's a problem, in fact I LIKE it that way
But when I want to take it to an Art Market
I like to take it attached to a canvas.

For that I first have to paint the canvas before attaching my stitched piece to it.

I always try to reproduce the colours
that are on the edges as good as I can . . .
(and . . . to do that, I have to be very careful
NOT the make any smudges on the piece itself :
I aaaaalways have paint on my hands too !!!)

With the paint out, it was a good time
to paint some smaller ones
for pieces that have been waiting since last year.

The next step is to stitch the two pieces invisibly together,
a fiddly but necessary bit.

Yippeee, now I have four more pieces
to accompany me to the Art Markets this summer !

zondag 19 mei 2024

new stitched work

Not all the workshops in STITCH CLUB \
were for me the last month.
There were some hospital visits
(over again now) 
and some books to read
and older SC-work to finish.

Angie Hughes' workshop about "Indian memories"
was the start for a new garden-inspired one instead.

Though I started the way she explained,
in the end I removed all the stiff backing
and didn't use any glue (!)
Stitching it all together was much more to my liking !!!

But using stamps to print one's own fabric was fun !

The embossed foil didn't end up in the final piece though.

Detail with the found felt flower
(it never became the brooch that was intended . . .
but now it found it's home here ! )

Hospital-waiting time was great for this small piece,
but it took some time to give it the finishing touch.
Now it's ready to stitch on a painted 20 x 20 cm canvas.
(I started this one when I was nearly finished with the bigger piece
with the Aconites and the Snowdrops)
 The time of those little yellow beauties is long over.
Even the Rowan tree in front of the house has already
lost its delicate white flowers . . .

because it is a "wild" one, from the forest
the berries will all be eaten by the birds, starting in August  !