donderdag 28 februari 2013

a fiberrainbow

From this moment on 
I really háve a  fiberrainbow !

The double knit scarf, following Loani's pattern
(with more stitches because of the thinner yarn I used)
is finished 

How I love the way these two different shades of the Noro yarn 
are coming together.
I think it's a sheer delight of colours 
and it was really fun knitting.

(though I hated the many (too) thin spots in the yarn,
where I had to double it up for strength)

Although the weather forecast for the next week
is rather good (the temperature is rising)
I still hope for a few more cooler days in March,
to wear my scarf !


zaterdag 23 februari 2013

knitting (and felt) on Saturday

Today I went to Rotterdam for the Stitch'nBitch group there.
Again, like four weeks ago, it was bitterly cold.
This time however we were with 
sixteen women !

Can you imagine how much noise
knitting women make ?

A   LOT 

(ha, everyone was getting louder and louder
just to hear her neighbour)

Although I had to frog a bit 
(because I wasn't paying attention enough and had increased two stitches)
the work on my double knitted scarf 
is going smoothly :
nearly there !

The only thing I don't like 
about the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn
is that it's spun soooo thin in some places,
I have to break it up and knit some stitches with a double thread,
which leaves me with a lot of loose ends to weave in ...

Never mind that, 
the colours are gorgeous !

In the garden the small flowers braved the icy wind

still going strong ..... and also gorgeous colours !


For the felting - exchange this month's subject for me was 
I was in the mood for some experimenting.
The pre felt I made was dried a bit and then
stitched  into pleats with a woolen thread that would felt too,
and strips of plastic as a resist

(the wool is Rowan tweed, but nót very suited and strong enough for knitting)

After cutting the pleats and removing the resists
there was a lot more felting to do

This is the finished piece 
which turned out more or less the right size !
(on its way to the recipient )

zondag 17 februari 2013

lost ... and a new one

Just more than a week ago 
daughter lost the (real) Peru baby hat 
her youngest son was wearing 
while they were doing some shopping in the local mall.
We asked several times if it was found 
without success ...

(so the little one was wearing a slightly too big hat, I had knitted for his mom ages ago)

That left me no alternative than to grab my needles
and some leftover yarn in various colours,
draw some patterns of little man,
and make a gauge swatch.

... and I started knitting ...

... and knitting ...

finished !
(ha, there hád to be a little white dog somewhere ...)

Here's the little elf himself
(with mom's heavenly blue Malabrigo shawlette)

We think he looks very cute 
(though we 're not sure that he will agree 
in ... let's say ... fifteen years  ?)

Ha, almost forgot this lovely peek in the garden

woensdag 13 februari 2013

13 - 2 - 13 (mandala wednesday)

The second Wednesday in the month 
is mandala evening.
The subject tonight was 

In the middle is a stone.

(during the meditation I "saw" this stone lying by the edge of the lake,
it was such a nice smooth stone, I wanted to take it with me )

Here is the birth mandala I sent to Austria
wich will have arrived by now 

donderdag 7 februari 2013


This week I got the most wonderful message 
from a very dear friend in Austria :
her daughter has a healthy baby boy.

So I took some paper 
and my beloved Karisma colour pencils
(yes .... they still last !)
and drew them a birth mandala as a present
which will be in the mail, probably tomorrow

Just these little bits till it has arrived safely ...

For the rest ...
I'm still (double) knitting
(ooooh yes, it's quite addictive)

I was very curious how much there was still left on the skeins,
so I put them on a scale.

This means I'll have enough to finish the scharf
 which will then have about 25 rows of blocks.
that will do, I think !

vrijdag 1 februari 2013


Ohhhh, Februari already !
Sometimes days go by so quickly ...

A few days ago I got my Januari piece 
of our felting-exchange
and time and again I'm pleasantly surprised 
by the ideas of other people.

And what's more fun :
there's always a lovely card to accompany the little felted piece !

This time there were funny gold glittering specks
and I don't know what they're made of ...  

Thanks very much J.

My double knitting is going swell 

 Rows of blocks upon rows of blocks
like slowly building a (scarf)  wall 
It's so much fun to see what colour combination 
the skeins come up with !