zaterdag 28 mei 2016

felting exchange

I got an email
that the little felted piece arrived safely
(it was a bit of a puzzle to get it 
in an envelope)

So here it is

(20 x 20 cm)
(+/-  8 x 8 ")

When we friends of the felting exchange
at Margriet's house, she gave each of us a little present :
a small plastic bag with some wool, silk paper,
a bit of lace, fluffy yarn, silver thread,
all in dark blue and white.

(Her own theme for the year was
"lace, ribbon, glitter stone")

We didn't have to use it for her felted piece,
but I just thought it was fun that I did !
And the "spikes" ... they just popped into my mind
when I was thinking what to make for her ...

the making of


and stitching
(beads for the "glitter")

I just realized I didn't show my piece for April
(that arrived just in time there)

That theme was "flutter beast"
Since I made already a butterfly for someone else
I made a bird instead

a seagull

(ha ... and it was not 20 x 20 cm)
Though we do not really live near the sea
these gracious birds are often flying here
with their bigger gray "nephews"

Some more pictures of daughter's beautifully knitted

I spare you delicate souls the totally naked picture :
they come as Mother Nature makes boys
(only their hats have to stay on) 

vrijdag 27 mei 2016

little mom

I was so lucky
that I went out in the garden this morning
with my cup of coffee.

(when the sun is out, I like to sit on the little steps
near the water that runs along our garden)

I also wanted to check
on the duck nest in our garden.
I did so many times before
and often saw the four eggs, almost hidden under down,
when mom was away to stretch her wings and feet ...
By this morning
I was assuming that the eggs must be infertile
because she was on the nest for such a long time
(but I should have looked it up :
28 days is normal, I know now !)

So when I looked ...

there they were !

They must have jumped from the garden just then
(the water is 70 cm deeper !)

I rushed for my camera
and took pictures
while they crossed the little stream
to the more shallow part of the water

(I moved the big Phlomis russiliana leaves aside)

... and then they were gone.

They had a good start,
hope they have a happy life
(and will not be snacks for heron or pike)

And next to the duckboards
the water lily is starting to bloom

Mmmmmm ... love my garden !

donderdag 26 mei 2016


Oh my
where did May go

We went to the market
and had an (unexpected) SUNNY day !

(with some generous friends)

There was a little birthday boy ...

who got a BIG present
(that had to be assembled first)

Here he's on his first test drive !!!!!
I can tell you : happy !!!

(and a big brother who wanted to test-drive too.
but unfortunately is too big ...)

Hmmmm ...
these two little guys ?????

heroes in a animated movie
and knitted by daughter

Remember the little naked guy in the garden ???
he was one of them
(then, without anything to wear yet !)


The sheep in the petting zoo lost their coat

(daughter and a friend were there 
with their spinning wheel)

In May the garden is at its best

After the Bluebells came lots and lots of Allium roseum.

This lovely Thalictrum aguilegifolium I got in return
from a friend that I gave some seedlings and cuttings
I had collected for her
since last year.

(some of these Irises will follow the other plants to her garden,
that are all doing well !)

Pictures of my just finished piece for the felting exchange 
have to wait a bit :
it's just gone away in the mail !

So they come later

zaterdag 14 mei 2016

Canadian connection

Sometimes there are small miracles
that appear out of the blue !

You might remember
that I posted about a scarf I was knitting
with an intricate pattern.
(the "petalcowl")
Originally it was knit in the round
(which I managed to do)
but I wanted to do it again, but now flat.
I had this wonderful yarn for a long time in my stash
and started right away,
thinking I would have enough
to finish the scarf.

But oh dear ...
I soon realized 2 balls weren't nearly enough !!!

I found out right away 
that this particular colour was discontinued !
So WHO could help me ?

I tried several people on "RAVELRY"
who said they had this yarn in their stash .....

After a few days, and negative answers .....
there was this sweet lady, all the way in Canada,
who said I could have her yarn !!!
She posted it right away !
Very special was that she remembered her father telling
he loved Holland, which he (as a young soldier)
had helped liberate in WW II

(I made her a sweet return package 
with some postcards and other goodies)

Last Wednesday Janie's package finally arrived YIPPIIIIIEEEE
(she was already worried and had told me
the Canadian post was slow ...)

YES ! two balls wonderful Mini Mochi  !!!
Mmmmmm knitting again !
Lucky me


For the market I finished the two new

One side of the "drops" is blue,
the other side purple
(I stitched the edge with cotton perlé)



And ohhhh ....

what this little naked guy is doing in my garden ...

I will explain later


donderdag 12 mei 2016

the last bits before the market

Because daughter and I 
are going to a market this Monday
May 16
there were a lot of "last bits"
to finish off this week :
felting bits
and a lot of painting
(the flowers that I drew some days ago)

But between all that
I had to keep track of the nest !

Nest ?

What nest !

Well this little snow white lady decided
that our garden was just THE perfect place for her nest :
a safe high spot next to the timbering at the edge of the water !

From time to time she flies away to take a swim
and ruffle her feathers.
(then it's my turn to take a look : four greenish white eggs,
there were five at first
but after some days there were only four)

We're waiting
and counting the days.

You can see the lovely Bluebells right next to her,
I love to draw / paint these.

The finished Bluebells portrait !

And in the flowers I got on Mother's day
was a Calla lily in beautiful pink,

which became into this :

Calla Lily

And this was one of the felting "bits"
(not quite finished yet !)

(this will be a necklace, no "end" picture)

Still things to do ...

we hope the weather won't be TOO bad on Monday :
there will be a turn in the good weather of these last two weeks  

it just needs to be dry
(we can put on a sweater for the cold)

But it will be just fun with all the
that will be there !


(if you live near here)

zondag 8 mei 2016

mother's day

In fact we're not really
"Mother's Day" people
but daughter surprised me !
Some lovely flowers
(and a big HUG of course)
Tomorrow I will be drawing them,
just like I did yesterday with some flowers from the garden.

I picked some spring flowers 
and put them in a tiny glass on my table.
First with pencil and later with pen on A5 heavy drawing paper
Then came the watercolour 
and after that ... came a LOT more !

This Veronica chamaedrys
is the first one finished of this series
(they will go with me to the market)

(in the garden)

(and this was the start on paper)

So I hope all mothers 
(in fact all women, mother or no mother)
had a lovely day today !


zondag 1 mei 2016

A cold

It's still a rather cold Spring,
and now ... I've got A "cold"
(got it from Man : he waited a week to pass it on ...)

But stitching and knitting goes on as usual,
so I was in R'dam today.
(uhhhhm ... it's late now : so I must say yesterday)
(my petal scarf is still growing
and the second ball of yarn is almost done)

A lot of scissor pouches and jewels
are finished now.

 (it was a bit of a problem to find big enough snaps)

I mounted some of my little quilts on canvas too.

I painted the canvas so it matches the cloth.

I made two more biscornu,
looooove that shape !

Earlier this week we had a celebration 
for some special occasion with daughter and the kids.
We went to "Hotel New York" for it in Rotterdam.
That is the old building from where the big 
ocean liners went with passengers to America 
from 1871 for almost a hundred years.
(now only cruise ships)

(the building on the left, with the two green towers, is Hotel New York)

Mmmmmmmmmmm !

That was GOOD  !