zondag 19 november 2017

more mushrooms and ...

The felting course had something for the second week
that fitted quite well :
gnomes !
(some people might think that silly,
but I can tell you that the participants
of the course have (re)found
their inner child !)

After the first chanterelle 
there was another, smaller one.
Then I started with this week's assignment :

First there was one ... but he felt kind of lonely, so ...

he had two friends over to stay

Then, today, I had another go at the mushrooms,
ink mushrooms this time.
(some of those are edible too,
but the combination with alcohol makes them toxic !) 

Ha ... really like to do this !

zondag 12 november 2017

a new course

Because the last online felting course
was such fun
I subscribed to the next one too.

We started with making mushrooms

Because I'm very fond of chanterelles
I chose that one to make first

( I remember looking for them in the woods
when I was a small child )

Hmmmmm ...
thinking what kind
I'll be making next

donderdag 9 november 2017

a very B I G THANK YOU !!!!!

Ahhhh a bit awkward I must say
writing a post again
after nearly two weeks of

Well ... I was busy :
working on the last extra commission-jewels
(there were six plus some textile beads)
So nothing much changed after October,
there were no posts every evening !

But now it is time for a very  B I G

I can tell you that the October Pink Ribbon challenge this year
has been a great success !

Today we could donate :

€  600,-

Isn't that an amazing amount of money !!!
(ha, I wish I could write the numbers even bigger)

I know,
I worked hard on the Jewels every day

(this was day 31)

But, I needed YOU all out there
to buy them !
And there were soooo many that donated

So I really want to thank you ALL :







It may seem to you that there are not enough names ...
but some ladies bought two, three or even four Jewels !!!

So once again to you all :


in the name of Pink Ribbon
and all those unknown breast cancer patients
that will benefit of the new research that can be done !

(let's keep fighting this "ugly one")

Know your body !
Check it every month.

Better safe than sorry.