donderdag 22 juli 2021

can you believe it : 21

When you have a pet
you never know in advance
how long you will enjoy its company.
We (kind of) inherited daughter's Burmese cats
(brother and sister)

We had to let go of the big brown brother Bagheera
in January 2017


little blue sister

(still going "strong")

has her  21st  birthday today !!!

she doesn't jump on the kitchen counter anymore
(but I have to lift her up)
to have her drops of water from the tap,
(which is much better than the water in your bowl !!)
she walks slowly and a bit shaky,
but she loves her food
(tells us when it's REALLY time for a bit more,
and asks for her cat treats
when Man comes down in the morning,
she loves to sit on your lap
but thinks her cushion is a fine place too
as long as we place it on the floor in the sun
or even outside.

She is a dear old lady
and all of us hope to have her around still a bit longer