zaterdag 31 december 2022


May Picket (Bowtruckle) be there for you
to unlock all the doors to
good health
and creativity
in the year to come

 a happy  2023

zondag 25 december 2022


I want to wish you all
 Happy Holidays

In a safe and warm home with family and friends
some laughter and joy
but some quiet time too !

(and I hope for those who don't have this
that they will find it soon !) 

vrijdag 23 december 2022

22 - 12 - '22

Quiet December time.
Winter but not really winter
only a short time of frost and ice (skating
though not for us anymore !)
(Luckily it isn't as cold as it is in the US right now !!)

Felting small things :
Yara is generous with all kinds
of fun little projects for Xmas !
I myself am busy felting small things
as presents . . .
(so hardly anything to show, YET !)

But this MISTLETOE is really doing the trick :
I've been kissed under it quite a few times !


The shortest day and longest night
of the Winter Solstice went by :
it is so dark when you get up and the light is gone
late afternoon . . .

Youngest grandson has his Xmas dinner at school
and they baked (here) nice pizza rolls
to take with him.

Still a few days to go to Xmas
still a few things to do
(though Man has nearly done
all the shopping for it)
. . . . .
we're ready for it  !


P.S. :
because the photo didn't want to load
midnight was already gone and a new date there

donderdag 8 december 2022

December (post 1100)

The amazing truth :
December has already gone a week . . .

Of course we celebrated "Sint Nicolaas" with
all our kids, many little presents,
and a really fun game with dice !
Lots of laughter
and all went home with a happy face !

And there was the next part of the course of
Yaroslava Troinich !

First there was a little friend (Vera)
for the black-and-tan rabbit (Igor)
The last part was making the cloths for both of them.

Such a lot of FUN
(if you like to make fiddly small items
out of felt !!!!!)