maandag 25 december 2023

Xmas 2023

I wish all my friends
near and far away
happy holidays
and if at all possible


and the best wishes and lots of creativity for


(year of the dragon)

donderdag 21 december 2023

winter solstice

November ended and December began,
and on the fourth . . . daughter broke her ankle
. . . . .
she had surgery last Monday.

A small misstep can have
BIG consequenses !

So time is needed for helping out,
but that's no problem
I'm glad we are still able to help.

So now I need more time to finish the dragon
I made in Yara's class
and take pictures
so that will come later.

For now an "old" Winter Solstice picture.

Sleep well everybody that has the longest night now
we're returning to the    LIGHT  !