zaterdag 29 februari 2020


Leap year
gives us an extra day
so a good moment
for something extra :
a giveaway !

My wonderful "Karisma" colour pencil box
has been waiting patiently in the cupboard for a long time :
I was busy with other things.

But this leap day
gave me the opportunity
to make a small special (mandala) drawing.

(the paper is +/- 20 x 25 cm) 

If you're interested
just leave a comment
down here

When there are more, I draw a lucky winner in a week

Have a FUN 


And a happy birthday to everyone
who has this special birthday !!!

maandag 24 februari 2020


Some people stick to their own kind
of creative ways :
they knit, draw, paint, stitch, crochet or felt ...
and stick to that one technique.

not me.
After some time,
which can be days, weeks of sometimes even months,
I have to change and do
"something completely different"

So after more than twenty (or so) finger puppets
I wanted something new.
Though I think I will be drawing / painting soon,
there came first new critters in felt.

(uhhhhhhm ... not to everybody's liking probably
the real ones I mean)

The little one, bottom left, was the very first,
three more (other than these of course) are waiting for their legs :
I don't have the right colour metal wire ...

Ahhhh ...
I have been looking
at the amazing forms and colours of bugs
on Pinterest.
(sometimes you can't believe your eyes !)

But the death rate among insects is alarming
Not many people are aware that insects
are vital participants in Nature
and not just inconvenient and annoying bugs !!!

In the garden
and in the water next to it
lots is going on :
we're still feeding the birds
and the lovely grebes are busy dating in the water !

It would be fantastic of they indeed decide to make their nest here
which is quite close to the garden ...
Though we might not see the nest because there will be a new fence
between us and our (new) neighbours
(they ripped out the old conifer hedge which
was almost bare at the sides and green at the top)
But from the balcony we could see it.
Only if they decide ...
the water level isn't always the same ... !

But seeing them making their LOVE dance
is already a wonderful view !

woensdag 5 februari 2020


When I took up knitting again
(after a looong non-knitting period
and then discovering the beautiful sock yarn
with long colour changes)
I made a lot of pairs of socks.

Now, all but one pair of winter shoes
are big enough to wear home knitted socks :
never again cold feet

But lately I discovered some very thin patches,
only the nylon in the wool left !
(hmmmmm ... that's because I always walk on my socks inside the house)
Time for some serious darning !!!

Unfortunately I had nothing of the original colour left
(and nothing close)

Nothing to worry :
as long as I don't put my feet up !

My mother's old darning tool
came in handy

(some more pairs waiting for the same treatment !)


We had no winter to speak of
but in the garden spring seems to be on its way.

Daughter brought spring for inside

zaterdag 1 februari 2020


Thinking of the devastation
the bush fires brought
to big parts of Australia
made me want to make a special finger puppet
(of which you saw the start yesterday)

Wishing the people Down Under, who lost loved ones,
their homes
their precious woods
with soooo many animals
all the best.

Might be a good idea to sell him to the highest bidder
so I can donate that to the rescue
of animals there
(start at € 20)

No shipping costs

email me at