donderdag 28 juni 2012

in time !!! happy birthday J !

Just an hour ago, after lunch,
I made the last stitch
on "Mandala"

Later this afternoon we will visit the birthdaygirl
who reaches the wonderful age of
( our mandala teacher/friend ) 
She will nót be behind her computer at this moment
so I can reveal now the quiltlet I made for her  

(I'm a bit surprised myself that I did finish it in such a short time)

a piece of a flower became a butterfly

J had two cats (brothers)

but sadly enough one of them died some months ago 

and the Polygonatum (Solomon's seal)
 moved from one garden to another
and the next

I hope we have many more years of friendship and drawing together !

maandag 25 juni 2012

in a hurry

In a hurry ?
Yes, I am, with my little "in between"

Why should I do thát !
Everything else finished already ?
then ....why ?

Well, that's a bit how my clock ticks : 
I want to surprise someone
with a little stitched something
and that is sóón

some scraps

a bit of weaving ...... and some basting

and YES the magic thread is already there !

More ... ???
sorry, that will have to wait

I'll be stitching

zondag 24 juni 2012

baby stitches

Our days (and nights !)
are still filled with "a lot of baby"
Though we worry about various things
he grows like cabbage
(that's all he has to do isn't it ?)

When I see and smell one of my fresh "New Dawn" roses
I think of our new little grandson

sweet !

And in between all the hassle and bustle
I find bits of time
to do some stitches on the little "lots of love" cloth

little bits of fire for the fireman

this one is for Mo Crow's interest

There was also time for some mending and washing

someone cut of the ribbons of this woolen baby shirt 
so I put on some new ones that I found in my stash

and ten year old "Maisy" clean again
but still dripping !!!

maandag 18 juni 2012

hurray ! ...a new camera .... !

For quite some time now
I wasn't very satisfied
with my Olympus camera anymore,
though I was happy with it for several years.
But lately I was increasingly annoyed
by the shutter lag,
and by the blurry pictures,
it seemed I couldn't hold it steady ...
But with daughter's Sony camera
the photos were okay
(even if I used the display instead of the viewer !)

So :
last Saturday I finally took the big step
of buying a new camera :
the newer brother of daughter's Sony Cybershot

And no better place to play with it than
daughter's place !

... and the garden !

Mmmmmm ... still a lot to learn
to use that new program ...
and to download them onto the computer ....
they might be way too heavy ...
Well I'll keep playing

zaterdag 9 juni 2012

magic ... hearts ... flowers

Many little stitches are made 
on the little wedding cloth
with nine hearts.
a nine patch of hearts
on the whitish  woven background

All the hearts are stitched to woven the surface
in a different way,
and in the middle is a "magic thread heart"

a blushing piece of silk gauze covers tiny flowers

I also added some flowers
cut from various pieces of fabric

Some lines in the design
are accented by stitch and continue on other parts

On the white bottom part
- a piece cut from an old embroidered blouse -
I will stitch one of the flowers in colour

it is so much fun to stitch again 

donderdag 7 juni 2012

..... YAWN ..... !

Yawn ? for a title ?
That's what it is really like over here !
And that is nót "yawn" out of boredom
but simply yawning from lack of sleep

 this one is just a little baby yawn 
of almost three weeks old now

(but I won't show you his mum's yawns
of three weeks of waking nursing nights,
we're all very tired)

So there's a lot of baby
(a lovely little boy !)
and little else.
I tried to start up the stitching mode again

... but as you can see there is this bit of lovely baby again that interferes ...
(but what a great interference !)
stitching, drawing, knitting