zaterdag 30 december 2017

nearly there ...

Ohhhh ...
how fast time went when you look back !

Another year went by

with highs and lows
with dear things to remember
and things best forgotten

I hope, you all out there in Blog-land,
that you catch one, or even a few,
wishing stars
so that some of your dearest wishes come true
in the year to come ...

And my wish for you is a

and innovative



donderdag 21 december 2017

LIGHT on the shortest day !

December, the year,
is rolling slowly to its end.
Things have quieted down
after the rush of felting and preparing
for the (not very successful) market.

All the stand holders managed to get there ...
then the snow really started :
so hardly any visitors !
More than 5 cm snow
and Holland comes to a standstill !
(towards the end of the afternoon
it started raining, so we came home safely !)

It's been a long time since I did some drawing,
so for this Solstice day
I took out my Inktense pencils
and some special pens,
and made a Solstice / Light / Feast drawing
(instead of a stitched piece)

A very
Solstice, Light Feast, Jul, Chanukah, Christmas
to ALL my friends in Blog-land
all over the world :
may you spend many joyful hours together with your loved ones !

And to remember that failed market-Sunday
almost two weeks ago, some pictures ...


vrijdag 8 december 2017

small market

This Sunday afternoon (14.00 - 17.00)
daughter and I will be going
to a small market in the big barn
of a lovely old farmhouse :
Goidschalxoordsedijk 65
in Oud-Beijerland
("under the rainbow")

We hope that the weather will not be as cold as predicted,
but there will be a joyful fire burning outside
with warm drinks.

We have been busy making
"starry" lights in white and gray felt
(with safe LED candles of course)

There are simple stars
with printed tea bags felted inside
and stitched along the edge

And then there is the choir
of little angels
that has grown since last week !

(three more little ladies are waiting for hair and wings)

Today gave as already a foretaste
of what might be coming this weekend :

But we hope on a bit of sunshine too,
just like today !

vrijdag 1 december 2017

star choir ...

Ohhhhh ... November was so slow ...
As could be predicted
after the busy "Pink Ribbon-month" October.

Yes, there was felting,
even a LOT of felting
but it went on very quietly :
after the mushrooms and the gnomes
there were stars

 BIG stars, when you compare them to the gnomes, ha !
These two were the first ...
but there are many more now
(because there is a market in a week's time)
For safety reasons they will be equipped with LED lights.

Now, there is slowly growing an angel's choir. 

There will be more !
A lot of different voices
make great harmony

zondag 19 november 2017

more mushrooms and ...

The felting course had something for the second week
that fitted quite well :
gnomes !
(some people might think that silly,
but I can tell you that the participants
of the course have (re)found
their inner child !)

After the first chanterelle 
there was another, smaller one.
Then I started with this week's assignment :

First there was one ... but he felt kind of lonely, so ...

he had two friends over to stay

Then, today, I had another go at the mushrooms,
ink mushrooms this time.
(some of those are edible too,
but the combination with alcohol makes them toxic !) 

Ha ... really like to do this !

zondag 12 november 2017

a new course

Because the last online felting course
was such fun
I subscribed to the next one too.

We started with making mushrooms

Because I'm very fond of chanterelles
I chose that one to make first

( I remember looking for them in the woods
when I was a small child )

Hmmmmm ...
thinking what kind
I'll be making next

donderdag 9 november 2017

a very B I G THANK YOU !!!!!

Ahhhh a bit awkward I must say
writing a post again
after nearly two weeks of

Well ... I was busy :
working on the last extra commission-jewels
(there were six plus some textile beads)
So nothing much changed after October,
there were no posts every evening !

But now it is time for a very  B I G

I can tell you that the October Pink Ribbon challenge this year
has been a great success !

Today we could donate :

€  600,-

Isn't that an amazing amount of money !!!
(ha, I wish I could write the numbers even bigger)

I know,
I worked hard on the Jewels every day

(this was day 31)

But, I needed YOU all out there
to buy them !
And there were soooo many that donated

So I really want to thank you ALL :







It may seem to you that there are not enough names ...
but some ladies bought two, three or even four Jewels !!!

So once again to you all :


in the name of Pink Ribbon
and all those unknown breast cancer patients
that will benefit of the new research that can be done !

(let's keep fighting this "ugly one")

Know your body !
Check it every month.

Better safe than sorry.

dinsdag 31 oktober 2017


This is the last day of this October month
A well spent month I could say.
I really didn't know where it all came from ...
After preparing the little felted or stitched pieces
there was wonder what way it would go next.

Only for the national felting day and for Man's birthday party
I made something in advance 
All the others were made or stitched on that very day.

I'm glad I made it !
I'm a bit tired, but satisfied.
A few more Jewels to make
for dear people who are waiting patiently
till their special wish will be fulfilled ...
Then, I can count all of that together,
with that : all the EXTRA money a lot of people gave,
so I'll know how much money can be transferred to
the Pink Ribbon Fund.
(then I'm truly finished   ;-)  !)

My last  PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 31

A wet felted hollow gray brooch, stitched with cotton
and with different small beads.
(5,5 cm)

A quiet star for this last day !

For a donation of

€ 10


(or more)
this distinguished gray jewel
can be yours
to keep for yourself or to give away
to someone dear to you !
All you need to do is send me an email at
and you'll hear what to do next.

ALL the money goes to (you know) the Pink Ribbon Fund !


And here
(with sweet company, which felt very neglected these last weeks)
the making of that "evening star"


It have been wonderful weeks
with you around me
And thanks in the name of 

maandag 30 oktober 2017

day 30

still going strong ...
(well .... s t r o n g  .... ???
the effort is noticeable)

 Thirty down ,,, one more to go

The extra little felts are waiting patiently
when I was stitching this pendant.
And because I needed for today another textile bead
I was at the machine too.

It's almost sorry to see how much lovely details
disappears inside the bead ...
but I know it's all there !

My PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 30

A wet felted circle pendant on a textile bead
with a mother-of-pearl tassel,
some lace and beads front and back,
on a wax cord with slip knots.

Sun and moon in serene balance.

For a donation of

 € 10 


(or ... more)
this pendant can be yours
and it might give its harmony to you.
Of course it can be a present too !
You just need to send me an email at
and I'll tell you what to do next.

ALL the money is for the Pink Ribbon Fund !


See you tomorrow
for my 
of the Pink Ribbon challenge !

zondag 29 oktober 2017

day 29

Always a funny day
when the clock is turned back an hour
My body tells me something else
than the clock on the wall
(and does it really do that much good ...
that summer and winter time ?  Some people say so
Hmmmm ... can sleep an hour longer tomorrow)

I made some more little felted pieces,
though the month is nearly over
there are still some
extras to make.

The PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 29

A dark pink wet felted hollow brooch,
stitched with silk,
with small and bigger glass beads.
(5,5 cm)

A bright statement on any garment !

For a donation of

€ 10


(or more ... is allowed)
this brooch can be yours.
It makes a perfect present for a dear friend
(or, why not, for yourself !)
All you need to do is send me an email at
and I'll tell you what to do next.
This brooch can be easily sent
in an envelope to wherever you live.

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


Ohhhhh ... only two more days
See you tomorrow for the next
Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel !

zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

day 28

The Pink Ribbon challenge
is only lasting three more days
after today.

A cloudy day, but my thoughts were
on sunnier (garden) times.
Living next to the water
brings all kinds of critters near !
(I think the colour of that triangle did it ...)

The PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 28

A wet felted turquoise triangle pendant,
with a textile bead, embroidered and with beaded fringe,
on a long wax cord with slip knots.

A light airy reminder of warm summer days

For a donation of 

€ 10


(or more)
this pendant can be yours,
to wear yourself
or to give away as a present
to someone dear.
All you need to do is send me an email at
and we'll arrange what comes next.

ALL the money will go to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


See you tomorrow
with my next Textile Jewel !

vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

day 27

It is fun to have some felted bases
waiting for me,
it's kind of relaxed
choosing what colour to take today.
like the Autumn sun.

Here is my PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 27

A wet felted red/orange/magenta circle pendant,
a textile bead, sequins, wooden and glass beads,
stitched with silk.
on a long wax cord with slip knots
(6 x 10 cm)

I think this one gives you a warm feeling !

For a donation of

€ 10


this pendant can be yours.
It might be a present :
for yourself
or for someone else.
You just need to send me an email at
and the rest will follow ...

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


See you tomorrow : 
four more days
of Textile Jewels

donderdag 26 oktober 2017

day 26 ..... (and 50 years)

On this day
50 years ago
on a sunny day like today


....................... where did the time go ??? ...............

(keep breathing
keep loving each other
and you'll just get there !)

I thought it appropriate to make a
jewel for today !

The PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 26

a wet felted heart shape pendant,
embroidered on both sides with silk and seed beads
and mother of pearl beads.

(I hope this heart brings, whoever buys it,
lots of happiness)

For a donation of

 € 10 


(or more is allowed)
this light heart can be yours
to keep
or to give away
to someone dear !
All you need to do is send me an email at
and we'll arrange everything else.

ALL the money will go to the Pink Ribbon Fund !



This morning, our witness of fifty years ago
had these wonderful flowers delivered

Thanks Ellen !

And there were more flowers

Thanks dear daughter !

Tomorrow is the first day of fifty one
and there will be a Pink Ribbon Jewel again !