donderdag 21 juni 2018

summer solstice

Ohhhhh, not much summer right now :
a cold north wind and no sun.

So I made a bit of  "summer" myself !

Little bits and pieces for a new necklace.

Daughter and I also did the last brushstrokes
on the window next to the door at school.

(looks like a bit of summer here ...)



(Oh yes, totally forgot my special date post on the 18th,
well ... what about it ... not very important,
that's how days rush by sometimes !)

zaterdag 16 juni 2018

colours ...

This week daughter and I were busy at school.
It's the school where I worked,
where daughter went,
and the grandchildren
(now only the youngest)

When I worked at school, I loved to use the windows
as a third (fourth) wall, and painted on them
whenever I needed it in a theme.
Later on, others asked me to decorate their windows as well !
When daughter "took over" that task I always helped her out.

The painting at the entrance door was damaged
(by scratchy little fingers)
and because the white paint we used
for some unknown cause started to peel ...
So, time to do the painting once again.

Some background, and then it's done !

The garden thrives ...
not only the flowers, but the tiny visitors as well !
Each year the Polygonatum is attacked by caterpillars,
it was no different this year

They start at the juicy seedpods
and then work from the top down ...

if you want butterflies ...
you have to endure these little buggers !

Of all the plants I bought through the years
a  LOT  disappeared, while others thrived
(and became too many sometimes)

I thought I'd lost this beauty

a Sanguisorba (menziesii, I think)

until I found it here again on the stairs to the water !
Must leave it there, I can't move it !
(NO .... my stairs are not very tidy !!!)

And in the water :

another beauty struggling ...

This Campanula lactiflora "Prichard's variety" is slowly getting bigger !


When Man is too busy with his "colours"

Bella surely has her ways to persuade him
to pay more attention to her !
"You have to pet me ..."

zaterdag 2 juni 2018

(Alpaca) knitting club

After our Alpaca farm friend stopped
having us every first Saturday of the month
we smoothly changed into the habit
of hosting our group in turn
(we are 12 so that is no problem)

Today was my turn again
Sadly sitting in the garden was no option,
but there is room enough inside

We were (only) eight this time.

After the first round of coffee and tea
we always have a show-and-tell round

(the last pic : my everlasting socks, little knitting at the moment !)

A wonderful getting-together !
Thanks ladies !

Later I found a new Campanula : a blue one ...
the white ones were there a bit earlier

And ooooooh that rose ...

Wet, from a loooong night of rain !