zaterdag 27 maart 2021


I found some little paper bags with old used postage stamps,
unfortunately there were no more landscapes
but I might give it a go with some animal stamps
. . . . .
But there was something else
I could do this last week :
another Stitch Challenge on FB
by Textile
(like the ones we had last year's spring)
This time by my favorite Merill Comeau.
"text in fabric"

I chose the word "mending"
something that isn't done very often
since the "throwaway society"
is more common than not.

I get a lot of little repairs from daughter and the kids
(two trousers waiting for me right now)
I love it when things are functional again
with just some fabric, thread and a little effort !

all kinds of small scraps
in not too bright colours.

and a variety of matching threads
(after basting everything down)

finished !

Here some detailed pictures
to show the details of the different ways
I stitched the letters down.

That was really FUN
. . .
and now on to doing the "real thing"
which has to be less visible !

woensdag 17 maart 2021

a stamp as start

Looong ago
our little baby was born :
a strong mum now !
Happy birthday my LOVE !

Jette Clover
hosts the workshop these two weeks in Stitch Club.
I love her work :
always lots of text in it.

A stamp as a start
. . . . .
but what if you chucked out a box of old stamps
only two months ago ?
Luckily I have a lot of envelopes
of other artists I swap with
and there I found on a letter from Mo
a beautiful Australian stamp !
Just the right thing to use !

"Twelve Apostles"

Thanks Mo !!!


donderdag 11 maart 2021

some more beads

Stitching beads and sequins for
Kate Tume's workshop
was fun, so why not continue with another piece.
"Rock or biodiversity"?
Or "something completely different" ?

I took some hand dyed (procion) cotton
and a snippet of Kaffe Fassett's "Paperweight" blue,
some stretchy cotton velvet, some glitzy purple
and threads, beads and sequins that matched with that.

First I made little poufs of the velvet
and took a tiny bit of "Paperweight"
(oh, and I ironed a 10 x10 cm piece of interfacing on the back)

Then it was just fun stitching beads and sequins,
but oh my :
that takes TIME !!!

With so many things lying around,
why not play a little more
. . . . .

on a wet felted circle
. . .

it was really FUN

vrijdag 5 maart 2021

beads and sequins

Beads and sequins :
I often respond to them like a magpie would.
I've done my share of jewelry making
so there still is a stash of that.

That came in handy for this week's
Stitch Club workshop of  Kate Tume :
embellishments !

A fun workshop for me (magpie)
I decided to use some fun fabric that was in my stash
for quite some time :
the flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker,
that would be a good starting point.
So I chose one to which I had some matching sequins.

I basted down the fabric around the fairy first
and started with matching cream sequins.

Then I decided it would make a lovely front
for a needle book.
Now I hope to really put my needles there
because I always loose my needles !
I lay them down somewhere,
or leave them in some WIP.
I mostly work with several needles with different threads,
so I often loose more than one !

The front side of the book is finished (10 x 10cm)

For the pages inside I felted some neat squares in the right size (!)
and in colours that went with the colours of the cover.
I also had some fabric for the back cover and the inside
plus, for another page, some sweet fabric that I backed with some
 commercial felt, attached with buttonhole stitch
with my variegated silk thread.

Then I assembled the backing fabric and the pages
(in the way Jude Kingshott did)

And on to the next project !