woensdag 23 maart 2022

SPRING is in the air . . .

 March has been dry most of the time.
Bur not only that :
sunny too !
(thought the temperature still tells you it is March !)

There is still seed for the bird feeders,
a jar of peanut butter and a half coconut with fat and seeds.
But I also provided some WOOL !
I tied it around some twigs
in the dark leaved elder that is next to the window.

Yesterday I saw something really funny :
a jackdaw with a mustache !

Soon some baby birds will have a vey warm nest !!!

After the yellow of the daffodils
now it's the turn for some blue !

Lots of wood anemones !

Spring is such a fun season in the garden !

dinsdag 8 maart 2022

international women's day

of all those many many women
who don't live in fortunate circumstances
like me

not alone
not in need
not hungry
not abused
not running
not in a war