vrijdag 22 juli 2022

changes in the house . . . 22 - 7 - '22

has it been so quiet here for so long ?

. . .

Hmmmm, sometimes life takes over
and then there is no time for any creative work :
we got a NEW KITCHEN !

First, slowly but steady,
taking out all the stuff that was collected
over more than 25 years
(and I can tell you that was a lot :
sifting through it all, what to keep
and what to give or throw away)

The next step was to disassemble the old kitchen
and preparing the space for the new one !
(by our all-time favorite able handyman !)
Some old tiles that were still there, and the gas pipe
needed to be removed and a lot was done for better electrics.

The new cabinets and oven and induction cooker
arrived later that week and
we fled the house for the weekend !

The next week started with a quiet day
and then some workman came to install
the new kitchen.

That went all just fine until
. . . . .
it turned out that someone from the kitchen store
(ha, luckily not me !)
took wrong measurements
and one part of the countertop was
2 1/2 cm TOO SHORT !!!

That means :
we're now have a wonderful kitchen,
without ant new tiles and no windowsill
AND have to wait till the end of September
till everything will be as it must be !!!!!

Right now it looks a lot more lived in
but a picture of that still fails


Hmmmm    I had to learn how to cook again !
(induction is a lot different from gas cooker)

dinsdag 14 juni 2022

beetles fan ?

Oh yes<
that I can say . . .

(hmmmm, rather the Beatles than these beetles !)

After some VERY QUIET blogging time
is this the work for another SC workshop :
one by Sabine Kaner.
Though I skipped a few other workshops
I really liked this one !
The way she designs her work is totally different
from the way I myself would think of doing it,
but I must say I'm happy with the end result.
And, I very much love her tactile way of stitching.

You can take any kind of fabric for this
but I gladly used my many bits of woolen felt
(I really hate the feel of cheaper "felt")
Easy to cut in the right shape
and easy to stitch on the background with very thin thread.

A start with the design and break-down printed background
(which disappeared in the end)

Before stitching in between all the bits
with my lovely thin cottons . . .

Mounted on a 20 x 20 cm canvas
(with nice finished edges too)

To be honest :
I would NEVER  EVER take a beetle
that big in my hand !
The REAL six-spotted Tiger beetle
is only 2 cm at the most, but
a fierce predator for anything smaller !

(Only when it is harmless and made out of felt !)

dinsdag 31 mei 2022

last day of Mai . . .

Though it is cold
(for Mai)
we had such a splendid week :
the Harry Potter party
for out youngest grandson (10)

He, and his friends, will surely remember
this for ever and ever !

Daughter did a fantastic job organizing it all.

It was a kind of scavenger hunt
with stops at our and a friend's house

We had a lot to prepare beforehand,
and I could help her out to make some of the items needed.
We made wands.

(and a box that they would fit in)

A sign to go on the door.

And of course there had to be a Sorting Hat !!!

Though not all the preparations were successful :
like the test to make "slime", in MY kitchen (!)
(some awful gooey stuff children love to play with)

However, later at home with the right ingredients,
she made a good recipe for it.

There were also lots of things to try out potions !

On the big day we were lucky to have no rain
and eight children were eager to start !
After a bit of a walk and questions to answer
they arrived here to receive their wands !

From here they went to a friends house
to be "sorted" into their Houses.
They finally arrived at "Hogwarts"
to play some Quidditch,
made some frightful "Azkeban" videos,
make potions and that fun gooey stuff . . .
and of course !

And enjoyed

zondag 15 mei 2022

what a day !

It truly was
a wonderful day
yesterday !

Our first Art-market in a long time
turned out to be very good.

a quiet ride towards Amerongen
(the last bit through lovely landscape and ferry across the river)
a lovely organizing team,
many compliments about my work during the day
good sales too !

I sold three of my (whimsical) paintings
a belt pouch
and also two textile pieces
and some small items.


I hope they have as much fun using
or seeing them on their wall
as I had making them !

And like the previous years I was there :


dinsdag 10 mei 2022

ART market

Ohhhhh that has been a loooong time !
Loosening the tight grip Covid had on all of us for a good two years 
makes this possible again.
And I'm very HAPPY because of it !


Zaterdag  14 MEI
10.00  -  17.00
Margaretha Turnorlaan

Biologische producten

(I'm sorry to say I have trouble
to get the original poster here . . . grrrrr)

I hope (and expect) it to be as much fun
as the last two times I was there.
if I was not already there with a stall,
I would certainly pay a visit !!!

Framed gouache paintings

an imagine from the garden . . .

And of course a variety of Textile Jewels,
textile pieces, mounted on canvas,
little felted bags and

If you live anywhere near the center of our country
please visit this wonderful market !!!

zaterdag 23 april 2022

one leaving the nest . . .

The eldest of our grandchildren
is leaving the nest !

(ohhhh I remember that day when daughter
went to live on her own in the big city !)

On the evening of my birthday
she went to Leiden with her friend
to view an apartment . . .
That is a difficult job in Holland :
there is a serious shortage of affordable housing !

It must have been a really lucky day,
because later she called that they had it !!!

That asked for something special :
I followed the lead of my dear friend Hazel
and stitched a tiny house for them
that I gave on Easter Monday.

First dreaming of a house
and now on cloud 9 that they found one !!!

They got the key on
22 - 4 - '22
We wish them happy times there !

Of course there were EGGS on that day too
(and it doesn't matter how old you are !)


donderdag 14 april 2022

a sunny (birth) day

Bright sunshine
is not always a birthday present for me
but this year it was !!!

This was how the day began !

(tiny Ginkgo leaves are just starting to emerge !)

Family and a dear friend came for coffee
and stayed for lunch.
Daughter and grandchildren
came over too with sooo many lovely presents !

And imagine this :
I used to make almost all the cloths
when daughter was little . . .
and now she makes a FUN jacket for me !!!

It's not finished yet :
a lot of quilting and also stitching still to do
but I LOVE it already !!!

a perfect birthday !