donderdag 22 juli 2021

can you believe it : 21

When you have a pet
you never know in advance
how long you will enjoy its company.
We (kind of) inherited daughter's Burmese cats
(brother and sister)

We had to let go of the big brown brother Bagheera
in January 2017


little blue sister

(still going "strong")

has her  21st  birthday today !!!

she doesn't jump on the kitchen counter anymore
(but I have to lift her up)
to have her drops of water from the tap,
(which is much better than the water in your bowl !!)
she walks slowly and a bit shaky,
but she loves her food
(tells us when it's REALLY time for a bit more,
and asks for her cat treats
when Man comes down in the morning,
she loves to sit on your lap
but thinks her cushion is a fine place too
as long as we place it on the floor in the sun
or even outside.

She is a dear old lady
and all of us hope to have her around still a bit longer

maandag 21 juni 2021

Summer solstice (and more)

This time I had no time to stitch a special Solstice piece
(or rather : I didn't think about making one,
too many other things going on)
And after a good week
of really wonderful summer weather
we had some heavy thunderstorm days.
(with much damage in other parts of the country !!!)

But what a wonderful New Dawn !!!


Stitch Club had me busy with a new workshop
by Gwen Hedley
I really LOVE what she makes !!!
(a new discovery for me !)
Making marks with ink or paint
and cutting that up and stitching together
than stitching to
"blur the boundaries"

The start of a "scroll"

Not finished, but I had another idea
for another colour scheme
and design.

A lot of work cutting out, stitching and backing
all the small circles
but the necklace is almost done now
(no pictures yet  :-)  . . .)

(The next workshop by Haf Weighton started already
but has to wait a bit)

zondag 16 mei 2021

a bit of nature . . . and a visitor

Though it has been too cold
(we even turned on the central heating yesterday
which we never ever did in May !)
there has been a fair amount of rain lately
so the garden

Greens all around and lots of blue too :
forget-me-nots, bluebells and the Camassia !


This morning I heard some tap-tap-tap outside
and didn't know where it came from :
no one was busy with a hammer . . .
But then I found the maker of that sound !!!


For the Stitch Club workshop by Saima Kaur
I made some fish 

(this will probably become a pencil case)

And last but not least :
we had a very special visitor last Wednesday !
Leslie Gabriëlse,
from whom we bought a magnificent tapestry more than ten years ago,
brought us the original sketches of his design !

donderdag 6 mei 2021

gold is a metal . . .

The Stitch Club workshop of these last two weeks
by Hanny Newton
was a bit of a problem for me
because I didn't have the gold passing thread
that you need for it.

But gold is a metal
and metal things I have . . .
(in my box of screws
and nails
and washers
and other things I might need again some day)

So I turned the goldwork
into metalwork !

First I stitched the washers and rings
some funny spring and some coins
onto the light blue shot cotton fabric
The embroidery hoop I started with was too small :
normally you can replace the hoop
to the next space you need to stitch
. . . . .

Luckily I had a slightly bigger hoop
that did the trick,
though in the end, when couching threads
I had to take it out of the hoop 
to do the edges and corners.

I added some safety pins to the collection
and even found some push buttons on the sidewalk
(they were waiting there to be found by me !)

dinsdag 4 mei 2021

memorial day

In a sober ceremony
these family members,
and many others
were returned home to Dordrecht.