vrijdag 26 november 2021


Today we had to say goodbye
to our very old lady cat friend


21 years, 4 months and 4 days

A very respectable age
(surely for a pedigree cat !)
but therefore not less missed !

She was tired and thin in the end
but still enjoyed sitting or napping on your lap
and being part of our family.

Blue Bella and her big brown brother Bagheera
were in fact daughter's cats.
But some circumstances made it better at some point
if they stayed with us,
and as daughter and the kids live in the same village
they still were their cats, but ours too.

In January 2017
we had to say goodbye to Bagheera.
Bella missed him at first very much
but then had the pleasure of finally having all our attention to herself
(because she always had been "second", after her big brother)

Dear little Bella
for your sweet company
we will all miss you very much !

22-7-2000   -    26-11-2021

zondag 21 november 2021


YES, it took some time, that's right,
but I can finally announce
what we have achieved together :

€ 800,-

for Pink Ribbon !!!

That is an amazing amount of money I can donate
to that much needed research and aftercare
for breast cancer patients !

A big THANK  YOU to all the customers
who helped with this !

MORAGELKE (Germany) ,  DEA
JOKEFIONA (Australia)
 SILKE  (Germany) , LIESBETH
ANNE (England)  

I've worked very hard every October-day
that much is true,
but I could not have reached
this wonderful donation

dinsdag 2 november 2021

the remains of the month . . .

 Only four beauties are left
of a whole month of hard work.

Many Textile Jewels already found their way to happy people.
It is always special to pack and send them off
to the new owners.
And many donated so generously !!!
One was even picked up personally this afternoon !

There is a bit more work to be done for some special ones on commission,
so the end result will have to wait a bit longer.


please don't forget these last Pink Ribbon jewels !

SOLD !!!

(and will be flying to Australia soon !!!)





It was a great pleasure
to "see" so many people,
and thank you,
all my dear buyers !