dinsdag 27 september 2022

felting (2)

The online workshops of the "FILZTREFF" (Felting Camp)
were quite time consuming.
But it was fun working "along" other people
(although they were miles and miles away)
Day three of the first week
was for Bea Németh

This time she had (reluctantly) chosen
for stuffed animals and made
a gorgeous donkey as a possible prototype.
She used quite course wool that I normally don't
but on that I followed instructions.

But as often at moments like this,
I want to follow my own path
and not make exactly what is suggested.
So after I chose a fox and realized I didn't have the right colours for that,
I tried an otter
(haha, in case you don't know what it is)

in progress and finished

That was really fun
So, why not try another one ?
One that truly suits me (and my blog) ?

Though I initially thought
to only make coloured spots on its back
I ended up with the new idea
of coloured spikes !

Why make it easy 
when you can make it difficult
. . . .

And why not make ears AND antennas ?
(hmmm : those who KNOW about felting
know what I mean  ;-)  !)

Now I can introduce you to :

Bow !

Well I can tell you
there WERE moments
that I regretted my boldness haha !
I love him !

woensdag 21 september 2022


I definitely need capital letters
to talk about what I'm doing right now !

I subscribed to a FELTING course
of Corinna Nitschmann
who has this 10 days of FUN with felting !
Five workshops, five teachers :
Dadmar Binder
Mihály Vetró
Bea Németh
Márti Csille
and Nadia Szabó

(luckily there are a few days "off" in between)

Until now I did "only" three,
but the other two workshops I'll do later.
It is really great fun to work with renowned felting artists
and learn another few tricks !


Not everything I did is totally finished
so for now only the result
of what I did today.

(die tentaklierte Warzenpiepe)
"beast with warts and tentacles"

This is the "backside" with some "gold" visible
(though nót in the picture) that is inside.

It is stuffed with kitchen paper right now
so it can dry in the right shape.
I might also do some stitching on it
but I'm not sure yet right now,
at least I have to wait for it to be totally dry.

(later more)

zondag 11 september 2022

that was wonderful !

Tired but very satisfied I was yesterday :
another successful market !

One of my very favorite pieces
found a very loving home
with a family of six.
It's always sooooo lovely
when you know your work is ending up in a good place !
(and this one surely is)

"Octopussy's Garden"

(I'm sorry but I couldn't find the picture
where it was mounted on the (in blues) painted canvas,
it must be somewhere)

I'll surely miss it,
but knowing where it has gone 
makes it all worth while !


Here are some of the pictures of the MANY steps taken
before it ended up like this.

Of course also a big thank you to all the other lovely customers
both in Baarn and in Rotterdam !
For all the compliments and the purchases.

It will be a while before there is another Art Market
because first it will be
very soon.

For now enough time for some stitching
and a bit more felting !

vrijdag 9 september 2022


Tomorrow will be the very last
of this year.



10.00  -  16.00

So far I can say, it has been a successful year.

The belt pouch I made for the market in Baarn
was sold early in the morning !

It turned out very well that the long band
made it possible to wear it as a shoulder bag too !

So I needed to make another one !
I stuck to the same colour scheme
but used the sea glass my UK-friend Anne
had sent me !

(the colours are not ss distinctly different as it shows here)

This one also has two possible ways to wear !

We'll see what happens with this one . . .

The weather will not be splendid probably
but I hope without any RAIN !