zaterdag 31 december 2016

wishing you ...

... a lot of
(desperately needed in some places)
good health,
and of course
To all my friends out there in blog-land
a very good 

Just before the end
I received my last felting-exchange piece
(at least I think it is) 

Another lovely creation to wear

with a sweet christmas card

Thank you so much Helma !!!

And on the same day another sweet envelope arrived :
from my dearest friend Birgit

she dyed some things in her indigo vat
and sent it back to me
(we split the wonderful dragon-embroidered piece !)

A dragon and some lovely threads
(bamboo, silk and cotton  f.l.t.r.) 

My zigzag socks are finished

and because it is such fun knitting
and daughter had sock yarn leftovers too
I started right away with another pair

reds and purples this time ...

See you all next year !

dinsdag 27 december 2016

quiet ... quiet ... quiet

Yes it's quiet here,
the year walks quietly to its end.
We had lovely family days
and the rest was really quiet.

Just mending a bit
(not for me)
and knitting
(the zigzag pattern)
and making some more stars
(for the tree)

The jeans of daughter that were lying around for quite some time :
busy mending at last !

the beginning

the outside                   ...         and using pliers !!!

(with some extra cotton fabric for strength)

Because the zigzag scarf pattern was so much fun
(using up all the sock yarn leftovers)
I thought I should make some socks
to go with the scarf

Now two socks on one circular needle

Nearly there !!!


I coloured some more wooden stars

such fun to do !

Some more for the tree ...

(which will be outside again soon !)

dinsdag 13 december 2016

odds and ends

This year
and December
is rushing to its end.

Well not really,
but it feels like that ...
and it's rather quiet on the creative end here.

Though I can tell
that I finally finished my "zigzag sock scarf"
(a name which asks for an explanation :
a scarf 
in a zigzag pattern
with leftover sock yarn)

I must confess that it was nearly lost :
I left the little bag on the boat
when I came back from Rotterdam some weeks ago
(there were a lot of other bags to take care of ...)
But last week it was reported found
so I picked it up ...
and started knitting right away !

(here the colours are better)

All there is left to do :
weave in the ends !!!

When the weather was great last week
I started the long postponed cutting
of some shrubs in the garden.
The dust bin for all the green stuff
was filled to the brim
so there is lots more still lying in the garden,
waiting for the next round ...
Today, on the other side of the water
some men were busy
making pollard willows of our willows again !
They had obviously waited too long :
the branches were as big as small trees !!!

(at my side of the water you can see
half the Buddleja cuttings still in the garden
and the "Black Knight" near the water, isn't even done yet)

And yesterday we had a very strange visitor (again)

a ring-necked parakeet !

These birds are NOT native birds here :
they either escaped from captivity
were just put "outside"
because their owners didn't like them anymore ...
(They originate from Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
but are good survivors now in many European countries !)

Very odd to see such a bright green bird
but they seem to flourish here

(this one is probably a youngster,
younger than the one we saw a few weeks ago :
this one doesn't have the dark ring
around its neck yet)

donderdag 1 december 2016

december .....

first day of the last month of this year
a bit of winter

As I could have predicted in advance :
November was a quiet month
after the frantic activities of October.

I made some more textile jewels
(just because it was fun)
but couldn't get myself
into starting something new.
But, I had to make my last two (!) pieces
for the felting exchange.

I made the one for October first :
a (big) fish
of which I totally forgot to take pictures
before I sent him off.

Then, in the last days of November
I fi-nal-ly had the idea
for the Zodiac sign Virgo
(the September piece !)

shrunk to the right size !

It was quickly dry on the radiator
and then came the fun :


... and it arrived safely, I heard !

I also received one of my
last "jewels" (corsages) I asked for

Ha, it's almost like Medusa's head ...
but I like it !
Thanks Paulien !

There was more interest in it  :

Ha, ha, ha !

And in a few days
we have the children's feast
"St Nicolaas"

(dress rehearsal)

maandag 21 november 2016

we have a winner ....

Oh my ....
someone will be very happy
and others disappointed
Well that's the way it is, with this kind of thing
(maybe lucky another time !)

This super November moon

will go to :

who lives in Sweden
(or is it Finland ?)

Dear Emileitha,
send me an email with your address !

(that was yesterday evening, but I didn't
have time to post it .... so today it is !)

After making all these
Pink Ribbon textile jewels
I finally found time to make the BLUE earrings
that I wanted for a long time.
I have LOTS of earrings,
but not the blue I wanted

Yeaaaaah !
Of course the back is some tiny bit of Kaffe Fassett !

(that's the problem with making things yourself : 
most of the time,
you are the last person in line !!!)

and now I have two more felting exchange pieces to make
Might finish them just before it all ends  

zondag 13 november 2016

"your" full moon, maybe ... ???

I mentioned it a month ago :
October is my Blogaversary month !
But, as it was also my Pink Ribbon challenge month
the giveaway I promised
never got done
But, as they say :
better late than never !

Because the Textile Jewel ideas are still popping
I came up with this
(appropriate I think, with tomorrow being a full moon !)

A white felt brooch
with thirteen sequin-moons
(a whole year blogging "plus", six now years ...)
some white silk, some silver, a tiny bit of gold even
and variegated pastel French knots.


the making of ...

This  giveaway  can be for you !

Yes, really !
Just leave a comment under this post ...

You may be a blogging-friend for years
you may just have found me,
it doesn't matter,
leave a comment and join in
Next Sunday I'll draw a winner,
and wherever you live
this FULL  MOON  comes to you !


As a matter of fact I started with something else first
for this giveaway, but as I was working on that
it came to me that it had to be going
somewhere else,
it will travel to some really sad people
and I hope it helps them a bit
with their sorrow.