woensdag 28 januari 2015

lovely red again

Today I received
a new red felted piece
of our monthly felting-exchange.

It is such a delight to get an envelope 
of which you know it has some 
lovely surprise inside !
(even the envelope itself looked good)

It's great to see how everyone 
get their inspiration from just the words
"something in red"

Thanks Anneke, I love it !

I'm quite late with my own felted piece
but the start is there
Lots more to be done !!!

These past few weeks I was busy for daughter
She needed a special leather vest
(she's starting with a training for "fire"woman
for a sweat lodge and needs some special clothing for that)

She had a wonderful piece of leather for it
and we managed to create this.

It still needs some thought how to make a good closure on the back.
She will also make a burned drawing on it.

Then there was her favourite jeans that had a near tear
on her bum and knee, so .....
mom ... please ...... ?

So I found some remnants of supple printed jeans fabric

and quilted trough both fabrics

Then we had a birthday boy
who needed something sweet for his classmates

(...... halfway the "minecraft blocks" ......)

but we had a LOT of help from our junior cook !!!

And because the rabbit piece is nearly finished
it was time to make a new start on another cat piece

it will be a  night  cat


zondag 18 januari 2015

a beast indeed

When I did Jude's "Patchwork Beasts" class 
(in 2010, but it's still in the "shop"  :-) ... !)
she had several different methodes 
with which she let us make a beast.
One, was a really simple pieced beast, out of a few small squares,
or rectangles,
just like I made the rabbit.

Then you could "dress" it up
with all kinds of tiny scraps on the surrounding space,
which I did on the rabbit too.
Raw edge, or needle turned appliqué,
it just doesn't matter :
no rules here !

Stitches on the upside,

      a bunny tail .....       and          a raw edge flower pice.

The "grassy" leaves are double with tiny quilt stitches
and the other leaf was sewed and then turned
to the right side and closed.
Yes, it's less than 2 cm.
(only part of it will be joined to the background)

There are only a few bits of the background left to be seen :
embroidered bits of a white linen blouse.
I'm not sure yet, but I don't think
this is a sweet bunny
it's more like a fierce rabbit !

It's not exactly the Monty Python Killer Rabbit
it is not a "Flappie" either
I have to explane this :
"Flappie" is a hilarious song of a great Dutch comedian,
about what happened when the pet rabbit 
ended up in the pot for the xmas dinner
(everybody in Holland knows the song)


This was made of the patched beast I made for Jude's class :
all of the background gone, the beast was only stitched on.
(it was called "Show me your teeth"
and was a present for our dentist, who retired)

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

what's next

that is always "the problem" when one thing
is finished

"A warm heart brightens up your day"

A detailed look of the left part

Here it is :
mounted on a painted canvas
(15 x 15 cm)
(only one side is striped, the other three are gray and lighter gray)

So then it was on to the next one.

I started like we did start a long time ago 
during the "beasts" class with Jude :
piecing a simple beast

(hey, maybe Joe triggered that with the tale
about the rabbit near his front door  ;-) ...?) 
It's a rather tame rabbit ...... but that can change

After that I dressed up its surroundings with scraps
and glue-stitched them to the background.

In the meantime there were two grandchildren to take care of :
the little one, and the big girl, who was sick
(but wanted to "make something" after she had slept for a while)

Lots of woolen felt in my stash, 
so :
mama and baby owl were "born"

donderdag 8 januari 2015

a heart (is what we need)

I picked up an "old" piece 
with a heart
that was only pinned to the background.

Now I'm working on it again

Left in the background 
is a bit I received some years ago from Australia (Jacky)
The heart has some very old bits in it
and one small piece with only half a "flower"
so I completed it's form in stitch

It gets a black and white tail
(thanks Jude)

The black and white strip on the side I remember from years ago
in a workshop with Mirjam Pet.


Today our little grandson wore
(like a real Dutchman)
wooden shoes
(they are his mom's old ones !) 

Oh, how he loves the sound he is making
when he wears them 

And :
he looooves to clean up
(that all the droplets were on the outside
didn't bother him)


And finally :

 je suis 

violence is 
never ever
the solution 
for any problem
in the world

zondag 4 januari 2015

what a man ... !

Daughter and I went on a shopping tour yesterday.
We went by Ferry boat and bike to Rotterdam.
It was a cold and rainy day.
We went to our favourite cloths shop of 
(who had sale !)

We went to some other shops too
and had a delicious lunch at "Spirit" (De Groene Passage)
where you can eat the best organic and vegetarian food !

Then we cycled back in wind and rain to the boat
that took us home to our village.
And   there   was  . . . . .

home baked apple pie !!!

Ohhhh ... what a man !

Still warm apple pie, with a little whipped cream
and a cup of coffee / tea
warmed us up real soon.

This is also Man's work :

his new mandala colouring book !

The tour to town was a success regarding the clothes


donderdag 1 januari 2015

1 - 1 - 15 .... new beginnings ...

I started on new things but cannot show them yet,
so first an "old" one :
this little cat-friend Betsy
arrived safely in her new home yesterday
(so here she is, all of her)

She started like a rather regular nine-patch
(just like Jude's "strays" ...)
next to it, the finished bit, turned over.
(I started stitching the face and then decided to add another thin cloth layer)

I mounted the finished quiltlet on a little 15 x 15cm canvas
before I send it away.

And, with a brand new year starting there is time 
for some more stitching and felting too

I wish everyone 
lots and lots of good things in this year 2015 !
I know, there will be not-so-good and maybe even a few bad things this year ...
because that's the way how life goes,
But I do hope the good things massively outnumber the not-so-good ones !

Good luck everybody
Let's make it a good year