dinsdag 14 juni 2022

beetles fan ?

Oh yes<
that I can say . . .

(hmmmm, rather the Beatles than these beetles !)

After some VERY QUIET blogging time
is this the work for another SC workshop :
one by Sabine Kaner.
Though I skipped a few other workshops
I really liked this one !
The way she designs her work is totally different
from the way I myself would think of doing it,
but I must say I'm happy with the end result.
And, I very much love her tactile way of stitching.

You can take any kind of fabric for this
but I gladly used my many bits of woolen felt
(I really hate the feel of cheaper "felt")
Easy to cut in the right shape
and easy to stitch on the background with very thin thread.

A start with the design and break-down printed background
(which disappeared in the end)

Before stitching in between all the bits
with my lovely thin cottons . . .

Mounted on a 20 x 20 cm canvas
(with nice finished edges too)

To be honest :
I would NEVER  EVER take a beetle
that big in my hand !
The REAL six-spotted Tiger beetle
is only 2 cm at the most, but
a fierce predator for anything smaller !

(Only when it is harmless and made out of felt !)