woensdag 25 januari 2023

a heart

This year hasn't begun quite well for Man : pneumonia is a nasty business !
Two courses of penicillin were needed to make a start in healing
Ever so slowly he is getting better now
(with a setback on some days)
Again we see what a precious thing
good health is !!!

After all the felting last month
it was time to pick up stitching again :
so many wonderful ideas in STITCH CLUB !

This little heart is for the workshop of
Chloe Patience

Stitching with so much texture is really fun !
(it seems that January 25 is "St. Dwynwens day in Wales :
the equivalent of Valentine's day   :-)  !) 

It is only a small work
because the two weeks are almost over
and I'm still busy with some bigger work
from April Sproule's workshop.
That gets bigger than I thought it would
(I added another strip of cloth on the outside !)
I will show that when I'm really finished with it