woensdag 1 december 2010

in - betweens

Here are some of my in-betweens for this moment
A large part of Europe is caught up in a cold spell of winter
so I'm knitting a new pair of socks.
Because I had nothing "on the needles" for the Stitch'n Bitch club
on Saturday, and I gave away a pair (that were slightly too big)
to a visiting friend with cold feet yesterday.
When it's freezing weather like this 3/4 of our population
is hoping that the freezing period lasts long enough to make the ice
strong on all the small and big canals and lakes we have:
ice skating is a national sport !!!

I learned that Sara badly needed to knit a vest because
many houses in Spain don't have heating !

And for the newborn daughter of a nephew I made a small drawing
( I dread the moment my Karisma box of coloured pencils will be over and out
I still have some replacement, but after that ....nothing : out of production ! )

And because it is December 1 :
special awareness day for aids

( Can you imagine that many young people today are not having safe sex because
they rather take pills afterwards, when they are hiv infected ?
... incredable when you see the results of this disease in Africa )

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heerlijke sokken, die heb je nu echt nodig! Brrrr.
    Karisma kun je nog los krijgen bij Harolds in Rotterdam. En het schijnt dat het merk Derwent ook goed is.
    Weer een prachtige mandala, Els!

  2. Ja het is nu echt warme sokkenweer.

  3. I knitted two pairs of socks once..... but had to take a class to just be able to read the pattern. I envy you! Have more wool to knit up someday, if I can find another class to take!

    Keep warm and enjoy your pretty socks.